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Education Programs

Education Programs

SHOT Show’s® educational seminar programs are conducted by leading industry specialists.

Education topics cover a range of current issues that are impacting businesses and agencies today. Anyone participating in SHOT Show will find insightful tips and valuable information in one or more seminars.

Three separate tracks of education focus on specialized industry fields: SHOT Show® UniversitySM, Retailer Seminars and the Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP). See below for details and course descriptions on each program.

Note: NSSF members qualify for education discounts.

SHOT Show® UniversitySM

ssu-logoThe new 2016 course schedule includes separate tracks that cater to new operators and seasoned veteran experience levels.

SHOT Show University addresses the unique challenges of retail business and range operations. Gain a deeper understanding into important topics that impact your business every day. High-profile keynote speakers share best leadership insights and economic forecasting. Always held the day before the official show opening, SHOT Show University is a great way to kick off your show experience.

SHOT Show University sells out months in advance. Don’t delay enrollment.

Courses by track


ATF Form 4473 Review
9:45 am – 11 am, Room: Marcello 4401A

Want to reduce your stress level and have an error free report back from ATF? Want to reduce citations and have an error free report back from ATF? NSSF is here to help. Errors on ATF Form 4473 comprise nearly 90% of the ATF citations on inspections. During this 75-minute session, former ATF Deputy Assistant Directors Harry McCabe and Wally Nelson review Form 4473 in great detail, explain why the information in each box is required, and answer any questions you may have regarding this legal document. NSSF’s goal is to make sure your next inspection is completed with you having error-free forms.


Harry McCabe, FFL Compliance Consultant
Wally Nelson, FFL Compliance Consultant

A&D Record Review
1 pm – 2 pm, Room: Marcello 4401A

Now that you’ve got your Forms 4473 in excellent shape, it’s time to review your “bound book.” The firearms Acquisition & Disposition record, the “bound book,” is the second highest source of ATF citations, and trying to maintain it properly can create questions and confusion for even the most seasoned firearms retailer. Join former ATF Deputy Assistant Directors Harry McCabe and Wally Nelson as they review each section in the A&D book. During this examination, they review the errors that retailers make, clarify the data that is required and provide the background on why the information is necessary. The review concludes with a question and answer session.


Harry McCabe, FFL Compliance Consultant
Wally Nelson, FFL Compliance Consultant

When You are Inspected: The ATF Inspection Process
2:10 pm – 3:10 pm, Room: Marcello 4401A

Now that you’ve reviewed your ATF Forms 4473 and your A&D book, you are ready for an ATF inspection. What is the process like? What should you have ready? In this interactive session, former ATF Deputy Assistant Directors Harry McCabe and Wally Nelson cover what you and your staff should expect and what needs to be provided during the inspection process, and give you the keys to passing an inspection with flying colors. With their guidance and some effort on your part, your next inspection should be an affirmation of the hard work you’ve done.


Harry McCabe, FFL Compliance Consultant
Wally Nelson, FFL Compliance Consultant

Compliance from Behind the Counter
3:20 pm – 4:20 pm, Room: Marcello 4401A

Our former ATF executives have reviewed the GCA regulations with you and covered what you need to do to keep your store in compliance.  But now, how do you do it?  Time is short, there is always more to do than you’ve got staff for and there is always a crisis that needs to be addressed, so how do you prioritize compliance?  How do make sure that A&D entries are made, 4473s are reviewed and inventory is taken?  Learn from the best at this hour long session!   Join Kevin McKown as he discusses the compliance strategies that they have created to keep Gander Mountain operating at peak efficiency and with few compliance errors.


Kevin McKown

Keynote Sessions

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Undercover Shoppers
8:30 am – 9:30 am, Room: Lando 4301A

Join the Undercover Shoppers of SHOT Business magazine as they discuss the very best and the very worst business practices of firearms retailers across the country. These tales from the road span more than a decade spent scouring the country, evaluating FFLs on customer service, product knowledge, and product availability. Learn how to take your business to the next level with expert advice from the Undercover Shoppers of SHOT Business.

Panel Discussion

Undercover Shoppers of SHOT Business
Moderator: Slaton White, Editor of SHOT Business
Barbara Baird, Freelance Writer/Editor
Brian McCombie
Peter B. Mathiesen
Robert Sadowski

Your Growth and Opportunities: The Next Two Years
11 am – 12 pm, Room: Lando 4301A

Noted small business expert and Fox News contributor Gene Marks discusses the changes to the technological, political and economic climate over the next two years. Specific areas covered include tax reform legislation in Washington affecting small and mid-market companies; new cloud, mobile, social, collaborative, HR, CRM and communication technologies; and how the prior midterms and the upcoming 2016 presidential election will affect your business. This keynote prepares you to safeguard your business for these challenges.


Gene Marks, Columnist, Author, and Small Business Owner

STEADFAST Leadership
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm, Room: Lando 4303

Be ignited with new purpose by this stirring keynote by a true American Hero, General Rebecca Halstead. Learn to improve your leadership and become a change agent for your business and your life. Leadership is not about quitting, worrying about who gets the credit, or building walls, but about developing competence and character, building bridges and making someone else’s life better because you are in it. In this final keynote, General Hallstead helps you to discover your purpose and your values, and to shape your leader behavior.


Brigadier General (Ret.) Becky Halstead

New Operator

Social Media and The Firearms Retailer
9:45 am – 11 am, Room: Marcello 4405

While social media can be a great tool to promote your firearms business and connect with your customers, it can quickly be turned and used against you and all you’ve worked to build. Let Michelle Scheuermann, owner of BulletProof Communications, share her expertise and years of experience working with such brands as the Sportsman Channel and InterMedia Outdoors, now part of the Outdoor Sportsman Group. In this seminar, Michelle shares the dos and the don’ts of social media and teaches you the secrets to bulletproofing your brand and social media image.


Michelle Scheuermann, Bulletproof Communications

Benefits of a POS System
1 pm – 2 pm, Room: Marcello 4405

Every gun shop and range could use a single software solution to manage all the aspects of a firearms business — while still staying compliant. But where do you start? Firearms retail expert Jon Judy from Celerant Technology answers this question and demonstrates what a powerful retail system can do to enhance your business. Find out how you can use one system to manage point-of-sale, streamlined receiving processes, electronic bound book, range/class scheduling, e-commerce, vendor catalogs and more.


Jon Judy, Celerant Technologies

Add a Gunsmith to Your Business
2:10 pm – 3:10 pm, Room: Marcello 4405

As independent Firearms Retailers look for ways to differentiate themselves in an ever more crowded retail environment, few decisions reap a better ROI than adding a certified gunsmith to your staff. From mounting scopes to trigger work or re-bluing a firearm, a gunsmith can add great value to your customers and thus to your shop. Learn what initial costs are involved with hiring a gunsmith, what tools and support they need and where to find a certified gunsmith from Mark Dye, head gunsmith instructor from Montgomery Community College.


Mark Dye, Montgomery Community College
Len Fagan, Montgomery Community College

Promotions – 10 Ways to Impact your Business Today
3:20 pm – 4:20 pm, Room: Marcello 4405

With increased competition, onerous regulations and thin margins, being an independent firearms retailer has never been more difficult. Tom Shay is here to help with ten promotional tactics that you can employ to drive business and bring new customers into your store today.


Tom Shay, Profits Plus Inc.

Range Development

Shooting Range Formation and Operation – Legal Aspects
9:45 am – 11 am, Room: Marcello 4501A

Historically, setting up a shooting range was fairly simple and straightforward. Find a parcel of property in the country, put a fence around it, put up some targets and berms and find someone to regulate access. Today, however, the increased consumer demand for ranges has accelerated competition and commanded a higher degree of sophistication. New indoor ranges and clubs are being developed in densely populated areas. The development costs associated with new, high-end ranges can easily reach millions of dollars and the operational aspects of multi-faceted facilities are complex. This presentation addresses the initial considerations associated with developing an indoor range, covering how to get started from the structuring of the business to the raising of capital; zoning and municipal ordinances, as well as statutory restrictions associated with ranges; and other waste disposal and recycling procedural requirements. Engineering and design issues are also discussed as well as EPA, OSHA and state environmental issues related to design plus ATF licensing, safety and insurance issues.. An overview of ongoing operational issues associated with indoor ranges including ongoing EPA, OSHA and ATF compliance is also provided.


Joseph Kavan, Kutak Rock LLP

Accurately Assessing your Local Demographics
1 pm – 2 pm, Room: Marcello 4501A

Your customers have told you that you should open a range and your sales reps have, too, so what is your next step? What information do you need to make an informed decision? Bryan (B.A.) Stear is here to help! An astrophysicist and range owner, Bryan has combined his love of shooting with his experience as a scientist to develop a data model to answer these questions: What does my customer data tell me? How far will customers travel to shoot? How big should the range be to meet my customer needs? Join this interactive session to learn how to collect, analyze and make determinations from multiple data sources to better understand your local demographics and whether or not building a range should be in your future.


Bryan Stear, Shoot Indoors

Avoid OSHA Hell with the Right Book
2:10 pm – 3:10 pm, Room: Marcello 4501A

You thought the ATF was a challenge during inspections; OSHA is tougher and always has monetary penalties. This seminar helps you understand how to minimize or eliminate your penalties and save your company tens of thousands of dollars and keep you in business


Dennis Rohman, P2K Range

Are You Ready for an OSHA Inspection?
3:20 pm – 4:20 pm, Room: Marcello 4501A

With the complex regulations that you are forced to navigate as a range owner, are you ready for an inspection from OSHA? Nationally recognized environmental and health and safety attorney Ethan Ware covers topics that can be overlooked by range owners as they craft their compliance strategies, including minimizing lead exposure for your workers, vetting your lead reclamation company, and waste management and disposal for ranges.


Ethan Ware, Williams Mullen

Veteran Retailer

Publicizing Your Firearm Business
9:45 am – 11 am, Room: Marcello 4403

Join noted outdoor communicator Glenn Sapir for a discussion on how to create publicity to drive new customers to your retail store and/or range. This seminar highlights the strategies and tactics Glenn has helped develop and communicate over the years for Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Field & Stream, NSSF and professional outdoor communicator organizations. Topics covered include developing media contacts, working with local and regional tourism development agencies, utilizing different types of media including press releases, newsletters, websites and social media, and the benefits of hiring a consultant to assist in these efforts. Glenn’s insight provides immediate returns and improvement in your efforts to work with the press and increase new customer traffic to your store.


Glenn Sapir, Owner, Ashmark Communications

Healthcare Reform: The Next Two Years
1 pm – 2 pm, Room: Marcello 4403

How will the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affect you and your employees? What do you need to know now to prepare? What changes will be coming over the next few years? Noted small business expert Gene Marks covers the latest changes to the ACA that will affect your business, including which businesses will be affected by the ACA and its modifications; how the ACA will impact health savings accounts and other pre-tax deductions; and what individual and corporate penalties are for not providing coverage. He also analyzes the small business healthcare tax credit, who is eligible and how to calculate it; the most recent status of the healthcare exchanges and SHOP marketplace; and your future options in healthcare, including self-insurance, private exchanges and other defined contribution plans.


Gene Marks, Columnist, Author, and Small Business Owner

Key Business Metrics
2:10 pm – 3:10 pm, Room: Marcello 4403

As a business owner you are bombarded daily with data, but what figures are critical to the success of your business? While focusing on the details of your business, are you missing key data points that could allow you to avoid potential business downturns or opportunities for growth? Retail expert Tom Shay helps you sort through the blizzard of data and helps you focus on which metrics are critical to the continued success of your business.


Tom Shay, Profits Plus Inc.

Legal Aspects of E-Commerce
3:20 pm – 4:20 pm, Room: Marcello 4403

More and more FFL dealers have been looking to an increased online presence to boost sales. While most FFL dealers are familiar with the laws and regulatory requirements related to firearm sales across state lines, there are a number of unique issues presented by working with e-commerce vendors. This presentation discusses the practical and legal aspects of conducting firearms sales through e-commerce channels with a particular emphasis on the risks presented in contracts with e-commerce vendors, including web developers, payment processors, hosting companies, SEO and marketing firms, and social media companies. Learn some of the major issues to look for in contracts including indemnification, intellectual property ownership, data security and service level requirements. Finally, the presentation focuses on how to respond to a data breach, cease and desist letters or other incidents that could interrupt business.


Sean Connolly

Breaks, Lunches, Receptions

8 am – 8:15 am


Patrick Shay, NSSF

8:15 am – 8:30 am


Steve Sanetti, NSSF

12 pm – 1 pm

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm


Retailer Sessions

Topics in the Retailer Seminars are developed from inquiries and feedback received all year long from businesses like you and a special retail advisory council. Learn more about important industry challenges, better management practices, and ways to make your business stand out. Retailer Seminars run throughout the SHOT Show giving you flexibility to mix each day with education and exhibits.

Last year, more than 90% of Retailer Seminars sold out early. Pre-registration is required, and available on a first-come, first-serve basis to attendees registered as retail or range operations.

Courses by date

Tuesday, January 19

Session ID: RET01
9 am – 10 am, Room: Lando 4302

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is pleased to host a session on how to become a “NICS Super FFL!”  This session will focus on learning the ins and outs of what you can do to become the best FFL in the business.  Attend this session to hear from the experts on how to conduct NICS background checks and related processing in the most efficient manner.  We challenge you…do you have what it takes to become a Super FFL!


FBI/NICS JoAnn Garrison

Lessons Learned from Range Development
Session ID: RET02
10:30 am – 11:30 am, Room: Lando 4302

From October 2012 – September 2013, Frank Manuel developed Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex, in Montgomery AL. From September 2013 through today, Mr. Manuel has managed the daily operations of the complex. Despite 2 years of planning, Mr. Manuel encountered a host of unexpected challenges that threatened the survival of the start-up. Each challenge was met, often using unconventional management techniques. Explore the challenges facing the development and start-up of an indoor gun range. Actual and current cost data are presented including: business planning, loan closing, architectural and engineering design, the cost of OSHA & EPA compliance, inventory costs and initial cost of equipment.


Frank Manuel

Developments in Store Security
Session ID: RET03
12 pm – 1 pm, Room: Lando 4302

Have you wondered if any of the recently released and soon-to-be-released video or analytics are right for your business now or in the future? This session is sure to please as it covers what retailers are using to reduce risk and drive business with software and equipment that are tied to your video equipment. Topics include video storage, card key access built into the camera, business analytics built into recording software to count customers and detail customer shopping patterns, and developments in facial recognition, to name a few.


Bill Napier

Media Training – Expecting the Unexpected
Session ID: RET04
1:30 pm – 4 pm, Room: Lando 4302

In this politically charged environment, is your retail or range location ready for an unexpected media visit? Do you have a plan to deal with local or national reporters if an incident were to happen at your location? Do you have a designated spokesperson for your business and has that person been trained to deal with today’s press? Join us as former NBC news anchor and strategic communications expert Ann Baldwin leads this interactive session on what you need to know in any media situation. Ann shares some tricks of the trade and equips you with the tools you need to protect your business, your reputation and your brand. The media has its agenda, what’s yours? Learn what to say, and more important, what not to say. Session includes on-camera training and role playing. Don’t leave yourself and your business open to risk — learn how to “dodge the bullet” by attending this invaluable session.


Ann Baldwin

Wednesday, January 20

Make Money Selling NFA Products (First Session)
Session ID: RET05
9 am – 11 am, Room: Lando 4302

Suppressors and short barreled rifles are all the rage within our industry. NFA products are a great niche product that can deliver relatively high margins and provide a way to differentiate your store in a crowded retail environment. However, the product is highly regulated and requires a good deal of knowledge to market properly due to long licensing processing times and cumbersome regulations. Travis Glover, Compliance Management Officer for Lipsey’s, and former ATF Deputy Assistant Director Wally Nelson have teamed up to cover the ins and outs of selling these products. From regulatory requirements to the paperwork flow to providing information to your customers about anticipated delivery dates of the products, Travis and Wally provide a solid foundation to start legally selling Class 3 products. Two identical sessions are being offered.


Wally Nelson
Travis Glover

Marketing to the Shooter of Tomorrow
Session ID: RET18
10:30 am – 11:30 am, Room: Lando 4202

The demographics of today’s shooter and hunter have changed. The population is younger, more urban and more technically sophisticated than earlier generations. As the potential customers for your products have changed, has your marketing been updated to reflect these changes? Join NSSF’s director of research Jim Curcuruto and Samantha Pedder, manager of diversity outreach, as they discuss the latest findings on how to approach, attract and retain these customers by modifying your marketing message.


Samantha Pedder, NSSF
Jim Curcuruto, NSSF

Security Planning for New Ranges and Stores
Session ID: RET06
11:30 am – 12:30 pm, Room: Lando 4302

So you are going to open a new range or firearms dealership, now what? You no doubt have put many hours into the details around leases, insurance, banking, human resources, vendor relationships, licensing, store stock and advertising, to name a few. Now is the time to double-check your security plan. Join this discussion on field-tested security topics such as alarms, key control, video surveillance, inventory control, written policy development and building law enforcement partnerships.


Bill Napier

FBI/NICS Town Hall Meeting
Session ID: RET07
1 pm – 2 pm, Room: Lando 4302

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is pleased to host the “NICS Town Hall,” an interactive session geared towards sharing a “state of the program” look inside. This session will cover an overview of the NICS operations to include increases and trends as they relate to transaction volume at the national level. This session will also spotlight the exciting implementation of the New NICS – a new database that brings exciting operational efficiencies and a new approach to handling the ever-growing demands placed upon the NICS. NICS staff will also cover other important program information that every FFL should be aware of and presents those attending with the opportunity to inquire on any aspect of the NICS that he/she may be interested in. You won’t want to miss this one!


FBI/NICS Kim Del Greco

Leadership Development Forum
Session ID: RET08
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm, Room: Lando 4302

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” (John Quincy Adams) What qualities should you possess to continue to succeed and excel in our industry? What do the industry leaders of today look for when they are hiring the leaders of tomorrow? What can you do to hone your leadership skills? Join four of the shooting and hunting industries’ thought leaders as they review the strategies they employed to achieve the success they have had, what they do to continue their success and the professional pitfalls to avoid.


Marty Daniel
Doreen Garrett
Bill Kempffer
Susan Houde-Walter

Firearms Classification
Session ID: RET09
12 pm – 1 pm, Room: Lando 4202

Have you ever been stumped on how to classify a certain firearm on a 4473 Form? Ever wondered how to enter a pistol grip shotgun in your “bound book”? If so this session is for you! Join former ATF Special Agent Daniel O’Kelly as he reviews the five categories of guns as defined under the Gun Control Act (GCA): Pistol, Revolver, Rifle, Shotgun, and “Other”. This training provides attendees the ability to classify firearms according to ATF definition. Further, this session covers items that shoot but are not firearms, and the items that do not shoot, but that are considered firearms. This session is perfect for firearm novices as well as seasoned compliance officers who are looking to refresh their knowledge.


Daniel O’Kelly

Firearms Nomenclature
Session ID: RET10
1:15 pm – 2:15 pm, Room: Lando 4202

To succeed in the shooting sports and hunting industry, a solid understanding of firearms is critical. The technology is ever changing and the function of some firearms can be difficult to discern. In this session, Former ATF Special Agent Daniel O’Kelly teaches the name and purpose of the parts of common firearms. This review also focuses on markings used for firearm identification, on markings commonly referenced during physical examination of the firearm for law enforcement purposes, or for sale/service purposes


Daniel O’Kelly

Machine Guns and Clandestine Conversions
Session ID: RET11
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm, Room: Lando 4202

Inadvertently receiving an NFA firearm without the proper licensing may put your business in jeopardy. Learn from former ATF Special Agent Daniel O’Kelly the four definitions of a machine gun under the NFA, and the possibility of any semi-auto being converted to full-auto. Also in this interactive session, Mr. O’Kelly clarifies gatling guns, bump-firing, runaways, and field-testing of both open-bolt and closed-bolt for full-auto, and covers the eleven most common clandestinely manufactured and converted machineguns, and how to detect them with a cursory inspection of the firearm.


Daniel O’Kelly

Thursday, January 21

Optics More Than Window Dressing for Your Counter: How to Sell Optics at Retail
Session ID: RET12
9 am – 11 am, Room: Lando 4302

What is parallax? What benefit does a scope with the reticle in the first focal plane provide? If you have a customer who hunts towards dusk, what type of binoculars should she get? These are just some of the questions that Keith Gipson, head gunsmith at Trinidad State College covers in this interactive session that provides front end retail staff with the technical knowledge to actively sell scopes, binoculars and all the accessories that support these products. Attendees will leave with a new understanding of optical products and the know-how to sell them.


Keith Gipson

Merchandising to Women Hunters – Panel Discussion
Session ID: RET13
11:30 am – 12:30 pm, Room: Lando 4302

Women are hunting in increasing numbers, year after year. Is your store ready? Do you have the merchandise women hunters need? Is your staff trained to fit a bow, a backpack and a rifle to a woman? Learn what you, your staff and your store need to offer to attract and retain women hunters from this all-star hunting panel. From merchandising to store layout to marketing and training classes, this session addresses the specific needs of women hunters.


Melissa Bachman
Tiffany Lakosky
Shannon Reaser
Judy Rhodes
Brenda Valentine

Legal Issues Impacting Retailers – Common Mistakes and Pitfalls
Session ID: RET14
1 pm – 2 pm, Room: Lando 4302

Companies often unwittingly stumble into legal pitfalls that can potentially cause the loss of valuable legal rights or expose the business to unforeseen liability. A misworded customer contract, a hastily-signed licensing agreement, or a failure to protect valuable intellectual property rights may prove devastating for future revenues and company performance. Is your company taking on risk or potential liability without even knowing it? This presentation outlines and discusses some of the most common legal mistakes that businesses make, and shows how to avoid them with minimal time and effort.


John Schreiner

Make Money Selling NFA Products (Second Session)
Session ID: RET15
2:30 pm – 4:30 pm, Room: Lando 4302

Suppressors and short barreled rifles are all the rage within our industry. NFA products are great niche product that can deliver relatively high margins and provide a way to differentiate your store in a crowded retail environment. However, the product is highly regulated and requires a good deal of knowledge to market properly due to long licensing processing times and cumbersome regulations. Travis Glover, Compliance Management Officer for Lipsey’s, and former ATF Deputy Assistant Director Wally Nelson have teamed up to cover the ins and outs of selling these products. From regulatory requirements to the paperwork flow to providing information to your customers about anticipated delivery dates of the products, Travis and Wally provide a solid foundation to start legally selling Class 3 products. Two identical sessions are being offered.


Wally Nelson
Travis Glover

Firearms and Ammunition Tax Rules: How They Impact your FFL
Session ID: RET16
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, Room: Lando 4202

Gain a basic understanding of what firearms and ammunition is subject to tax, when it is taxable, and how to calculate the tax. This critical topic impacts all FFL holders regardless of size, including firearms dealers and manufacturers. This session will also cover understanding the differences in deductions, exclusions and price readjustments, how to maintain proper documentation and internal controls regarding FAET, and managing a successful audit with the TTB.


Jon Rydberg, Orchid Advisors
Karie Roers, Ernst & Young, LLP


FFLGuard’s Top Ten ATF Inspection Traps to Avoid
Session ID: RET17
3 pm – 4 pm

FFLGuard’s National Coordinating Counsel, attorney Christopher Chiafullo, and FFLGuard’s Director of Compliance, James Zammillo (formerly of ATF), will provide a unique perspective on the latest ATF inspection trends and policy that every FFL should know.  This high-level presentation will address tendencies by ATF, insider policies and protocols that guide ATF Industry Operations Investigators during an inspection, common mistakes made by licensees when inspected, and various pitfalls that can be avoided to sidestep “willful” violations.  Attending this presentation before a compliance issue arises — consistent with FFLGuard’s proactive lawyering model — is a must for any FFL looking for the edge they need to stay in compliance.


Christopher Chiafullo, The Chiafullo Group, LLC
James Zammillo


Law Enforcement Education Program

The LEEP program, focuses on protection measures and tactical execution. Learn from leading industry training organizations such as the National Tactical Officers Association and industry product authorities.

The 2016 course titles will soon be announced, but here is a sampling of past topics:

  • Active Shooter Update
  • Reflex sights for service handguns
  • Suicidal persons response
  • Meeting training requirements through range design
  • Critical incidents
  • Officer survival in counter ambush tactics

Upon completion, LEEP participants receive a Certificate of Attendance confirming course participation, which can be used to document training.

FREE to all law enforcement registered attendees.
Requires registration for sessions.

Photography or recording of any education seminars by participants is NOT permitted.