Maj Toure - Urban Community

Learn what today’s urban demographic needs and wants in firearms safety and 2nd Amendment education from a new, straight-talking voice at SHOT Show.

I am pleased to announce that Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, will be presenting a highly interactive Retailer Seminar on the misconceptions, myths and successes of engaging urban communities on gun safety, firearms rights and shooting sports participation. During his session, “Black Guns Matter: Engaging Urban Communities in the 2nd Amendment Fight,” Toure will share the lessons he’s learned through hosting his 50 States Firearm Education Tour, take questions from the audience about how they can engage urban communities and explain how companies and organizations can support the Black Guns Matter initiative. Anyone who is interested in building deeper connections with the urban demographic and expanding their customer base to embrace the growing interest in gun ownership and safety among them should attend the session.

Maj Toure is a Solutionary Hip Hop artist and 2nd Amendment activist from North Philadelphia. After being featured on the cover of Philadelphia Weekly as “the Prophet of Philadelphia,” he quickly developed a following for his outspoken and engaging approach to all things urban, particularly as it pertains to firearms use and education. He founded the Black Guns Matter initiative in 2015 and today advocates for firearms education in urban communities. Toure has been featured in The New York Times, Fox News, Breitbart News, National Public Radio and NRA News for his out-of-the-box approach to 2nd Amendment advocacy.

The Retailer Seminar “Black Guns Matter: Engaging Urban Communities in the 2nd Amendment Fight” takes place the first day of the 2018 SHOT Show, Tuesday, Jan. 23, from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Registration for the 2018 SHOT Show is now open, and buyers and range owners successfully registering to attend the show can then register for various Retailer Seminars and other educational events.

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