We recently sent an email to all SHOT Show NSSF Member exhibitors looking to potentially change their booth location or size. NSSF’s phone calls to effect those possible changes will run from May 17 to 19, and it’s critical to the process that every exhibitor seeking a change to their booth for the 2018 show confirm their contact information and their call appointment time.

If you believe you are the waiting list for a booth change and you have not received our email confirming your call time and contact number, please call Regina Clark at 702-216-5830 or email immediately. Likewise, if you anticipate any change to your schedule during those three call days or have a change at the last minute, call Regina or email and provide the number or numbers at which you can be reached during your call appointment time.

As a reminder, if you do not answer your phone during your appointed call time, we will move on to the next exhibitor on the list. We will circle back and attempt to call you again, but booth changes will continue to take place in the interim. Also, and as we have said before, because the options to effect booth changes are very limited and the list of requests long, if we arrive at a point during our phone calls for which no further changes can be completed, we will email everyone remaining on the list and notify them that we have reached capacity and will not be calling.

It is worth emphasizing that any exhibitor confirmed for a booth change call should be prepared to quickly accept or decline any proposed change offered. Have your budget numbers and any other resources necessary to making a decision on hand during your call (which will take approximately five minutes), as we cannot hold a proposed change while waiting for a returned phone call. Those resources should include the 2017 SHOT Show floor map, accessible at or as a PDF file you can download or print from