January 17–20, 2017 Sands Expo Center Las Vegas, Nevada Too Good to Miss


With the New NICS E-Check 2.0 delayed, beyond its anticipated January debut, NSSF is strongly encouraging all retailers to attend the very special 2016 SHOT Show Retail Seminar entitled “FBI/NICS Retailer Town Hall Meeting.” Hosted by the FBI’s NICS Section Chief Kimberly J. Del Grecco, this interactive session is geared toward sharing a “state of the program” look at where NICS has been and where improvements to this invaluable system will take firearms retailers and consumers in the years to come.

During this Town Hall Meeting, we’ll be covering a wide array of statistics that demonstrate the incredible increase in transactions that the NICS experienced in 2015, such as:

  • The wide variety of new records set in 2015.
  • Comparison of 2015 to prior years.
  • Appeal and VAF applicants and what to expect in terms of processing times in 2016.
  • Counts as they relate to the number and/or percentage of immediate decisions, denials, delays.
  • How many FFLs are currently serviced by the NICS Section.

We’ll also be taking a hard look at what FFLs can expect from NICS in 2016, starting with processes implemented by the FBI to manage the sharply increased transaction workload during 2015 and why the bureau is encouraging retailers to participate in E-Check. With the release of the New NICS on the horizon, we’ll also cover what, when and how the program will affect FFLs and how the FBI is working to make the transition easy for both our FFLs and their customers. Finally, we’ll have an in-depth discussion about NICS outages and explain what our FFLs can expect from the FBI going forward when these outages occur.

Without a doubt, the FBI/NICS Town Hall Meeting is a must-attend for anyone with an FFL attending SHOT Show. This very special seminar will be held Wednesday, Jan. 20, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the Lando Ballroom, Room 4302, of the Venetian. Tickets to the event are just $25 for both NSSF members and non-members. NSSF has added seats to accommodate demand for this seminar, but space is limited. Reserve your place now by logging into your dashboard on SHOTShow.org and adding this seminar to your shopping cart.