SHOT Show University - Range Destination

Jeff Swanson - SSU Range DestinationJeff Swanson, owner of one of the most well-respected ranges in the country, has contributed several articles to our news feed about what today’s firearms range owners can do create a “next-generation” range. What’s a next-generation range? It’s one that people are drawn to, one that they make a point of going to. They are destination ranges.

Through retrofitting or expanding an existing range, or by building one from the blueprints up, you, too, can have a range that people flock to. SHOT Show University’s “Evolution of the Modern Range” session, part of the Range learning track, will show you how. In this engaging seminar, you’ll learn that when it comes to their experiences on the firearms range, shooter expectations have changed significantly over the last few years. You’ll also discover why the destination experience has become central to these changes. For range owners looking to excel, that means operating multiple, diversified profit centers and providing high-quality customer service to create a “next-generation” range that appeals to new demographics.

“Evolution of the Modern Range” will be presented by Swanson, co-founder and an owner of Wilshire Gun, an Oklahoma City-based full-service firearms range accommodating handguns and rifles. He is the Managing Member of NexGen Range Consulting, which focuses on helping other range owners across the country create their own “next-generation” shooting facilities, and he is a member of the NSSF’s Range Action Specialists Team. A regular speaker and writer on shooting range development that emphasizes diversifying revenue streams across multiple profit centers, Swanson is also an attorney with more than two decades of practice as a litigator, real estate advisor and business development consultant.

Taking place Monday, Jan. 22, the day before the 2018 SHOT Show opens, SHOT Show University is NSSF’s premier learning experience for retailers and range owners, providing business owners of all experience levels ways to improve their businesses. The forum is comprised of four learning tracks: Range, Compliance, Retailer 101 and the Master’s Class. Though anyone can attend any learning track, those exploring upgrades or overhauls to existing shooting facilities and take them to the next level, as well as those in the process of establishing a new range from scratch, are specifically encouraged to attend the four sessions in the Range learning track.

Registration for the 2018 SHOT Show is now open. Buyers and range owners successfully registering to attend the show can then register to participate in SHOT Show University and other events. NSSF Members receive a discount on their registration fee to attend SHOT Show University.

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