Lawyers - retailer seminar

There’s a time and place for everything, including hiring legal counsel.

Today’s FFLs, range owners and manufacturers can encounter a barrage of issues that too often prompt a call to a lawyer. But when and where do you need legal representation as a business in the firearms industry?

Our 2018 SHOT Show Retailer Seminar “The 21st Century Role of the Lawyer in Retail Firearms Compliance” will discuss in depth the history of the lawyer in the retail firearms dealer infrastructure. It will explain why ATF makes “lawyering up” a waste of time and money and why reliance on local or non-specialized lawyers is a misplaced effort. You’ll also learn the difference between real legal advice and opinion, how consultants or subject matter experts provide input to lawyers, where the country’s compliance regulatory arm is headed under President Trump and where “proactive lawyering” becomes superior to “reactive lawyering.” Retailers small, large and in between will all want to attend.

Lawers - Retailer Seminar - Chris Chiafullo“The 21st Century Role of the Lawyer in Retail Firearms Compliance” will be presented by Chris Chiafullo, National Coordinating Counsel for FFLGuard. His legal expertise is diverse, running the gamut from litigation and regulatory to transactional matters, but he concentrates primarily on the defense of the firearms, federal firearms law and the preservation of federal firearms and explosives licenses issued and regulated by the ATF. As the founding principal of The Chiafullo Group, LLC, he serves as the point of contact for various firearms-specific lawyers aligned in interest around the country. He has represented hundreds of FFLs and Federal Explosives Licensees nationwide as National Coordinating Counsel for the FFLGuard program, and he serves as outside general counsel, special counsel and consultant to various firearms companies, including AcuSport, ARS, Auto Gun Trader and While Chiafullo devotes much of his practice to both cooperative and adversarial interaction with the ATF and other governmental agencies regarding firearms and explosives regulation and administration, he is also experienced in appellate and trial matters. He notably served on the trial team for a sizable defendant constituency in NAACP v. AcuSport, et al., a lawsuit aimed at unfairly regulating the firearms industry and named by the National Law Journal as one of the 10 most significant defense verdicts of 2003. He is admitted to practice law throughout the state courts of New Jersey and in Federal courts across the country.

The Retailer Seminar “The 21st Century Role of the Lawyer in Retail Firearms Compliance” takes place the second day of the 2018 SHOT Show, Wednesday, Jan. 24, from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Registration for the 2018 SHOT Show is now open, and buyers and range owners successfully registering to attend the show can then register for various Retailer Seminars and other educational events.

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