Fully Loaded
Jan 19–22, 2021
Sands Expo Center + Caesars Forum
Las Vegas, NV

2020 SHOT Show Man on the Street Day 2

SHOT Show® is all about doing business. Whether you are a retailer with a store or a mega manufacturer, there’s a wide range of reasons to attend, not the least of which is shopping.

First SHOT Show
Jezerael Martinez prepares to attend his first SHOT Show.

“I work for the Nye County Sheriff’s Department and have come here to discover gear that will help me and other officers on the job,” said Deputy Jezrael Martinez, who’s been in law enforcement for four years. “This is my first time here, and I am excited about what I’ve heard about the show, and I simply don’t know what to expect once I start seeing all the firearms!”

Elite Credit Card Services
Josh Hoffman and Jeff Miles representing Elite credit card services.

“The many parts of merchant services are a struggle for many businesses,” said Josh Hoffman, President of Elite Card Processing, a credit card service provider. “Everyone needs to provide great customer service but tackling the credit card process is a struggle for many retailers, especially some smaller shops, and that is why we are here. We want to connect with them.”

Another business-services provider on site and seeking to connect with customers is Baker Tilly. Director Ryan Holzhueter says his company helps clients, including major manufacturers, with accounting, taxes, international growth and numerous other challenges. His company has clients and channel partners in more than 140 territories and utilizes a wide range of services and connections to help businesses meet challenges. This year Baker Tilly signed as a SHOT University sponsor and is making plans to be back next year.

Alejandro Ramirez shopping for DOD purposes at SHOT.

“I’m here searching for products that can save a soldier’s life,” stated Alejandro Ramirez, a defense contractor. Among the items he found were combat wipes, SOG knives, and other defensive products. He has a son in the military, so he takes a personal interest in the gear he’ll be ordering from manufacturers, but he particularly enjoys seeing the evolving technology in knife manufacturing. He further noted and appreciated that more manufacturers are making products designed for the women’s market, and he was also shopping for bulletproof backpacks designed for school kids.

Lucas Lesofski dog trainer with Jaco.

Every year, the number of dogs on the show floor seems to grow, including working dogs. Lucas Lesofski with Smart K9 Training had his dog Jaco with him. Lesofski trains dogs and teaches self-defense courses. This year his focus at the show was on concealed-carry equipment, including belts and holsters. He told me that concealed-carry courses continue to trend upward, and the number of women he and other trainers work with continues to grow.

“I own a private-security service—a veteran-owned business—in Los Angeles,” said Manuel Jimenez with Black Knight Patrol. “This is my first time at SHOT and I am looking for uniforms and to connect with other folks in the industry. I also enjoy looking at all the new equipment and all the guns. It’s exciting to be here!”

As I concluded my walk of the show on day two and my man-on-the-street interviews, it was clear to me that whether this was your first, fifth or, even for some, the 42nd SHOT Show, it’s a place to find what you need and build the relationships that are so important to doing business successfully year-round. The positive attitude from everyone I spoke with, not to mention how many people told me they were truly excited to be here, speaks a lot about a trade show that’s this big and works to serve the needs of so many. And on that note, on to day three!

JAN 19–22, 2021 LAS VEGAS