SHOT Show - FFL Compliance

While we have a full learning track of SHOT University devoted to FFL compliance, we know that not everyone can make it into Las Vegas to attend that all-day event. For those who can’t make it to SHOT University, we made room in our roster of Retailer Seminars for three compliance-focused sessions to help anyone tighten up their processes.

First up is the Tuesday 1:00 p.m. session, “Operation Secure Store and Risk Assessment.” Now, you may think that store security is related to compliance in a secondary matter — you do have to meet ATF's requirements for secure firearms storage — but staying ahead of criminal activity and target-hardening your place of business is critical to your ability to be a “good neighbor,” if you will, to your community. It is something your business’ reputation depends on, especially in a time where so many would like to see you put out of business.

The concept is so important to NSSF that we’ve partnered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to launch Operation Secure StoreSM. This is a cutting-edge security program helping retailers assess their facilities starting with their perimeters and traversing everything from windows, doors and other access points to internal operational controls, alarm systems and other tools you may use to deter criminals from viewing your business as an easy target. NSSF’s Security Team Members John Bocker, John Clark and Bill Napier, whom many of you are familiar with, lead this seminar to outline Operation Secure Store’s numerous resources, explain how today’s gang network targeting firearms dealers is a nationwide problem and detail cost-effective security layering practices you can implement immediately.

Our second compliance-focused seminar, “Lessons Learned for Successfully Navigating the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS),” also takes place Tuesday, starting at 1:30. Now in existence for more than 20 years, NICS continues to evolve alongside our industry. This session provides insight into some of the most common issues encountered by NICS personnel supporting background checks for FFLs. You’ll also discover tips and recommendations on how to best navigate a NICS background check, especially pursuant to system update deployments, as you’ll hear about future processing changes in the planning. This is a great one-hour spent for any FFL of any experience level, but we especially encourage newly onboarded sales staff and record keepers, as well as those who utilize the NICS via E-Check, to attend.

The final compliance-oriented Retailer Seminar is our special session “Dealer Liability,” taking place at 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning. We held this session last year and it got rave reviews, so this year we brought back Joseph Kavan and Michael Brown, attorneys and partners at the firearms industry-friendly Kutak Rock, LLC. They’ll discuss the realities of being a firearms dealer and how what started as a completely lawful sale can quickly become a legal and financial nightmare when tragic events occur. Are you prepared to handle this type of scrutiny in the event one of the firearms you sell leads to an accident or ends up in the wrong hands? What about straw purchases and dealing with the new age restrictions being implemented in several states? We’ll cover all that and more in a session that should be a must-attend for all FFLs.

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The full list of the 2019 SHOT Show’s Retailer Seminars is available here, and we encourage all range and retailer professionals attending the show to take part in as many of these sessions as possible. Each session is just $25 for NSSF members and non-members. Once you’ve completed your registration to attend the 2019 SHOT Show, simply add the seminars of your choice (including the ATF Town Hall, which will have a $0.00 fee) to your shopping cart. As a reminder, our standard retail and range members are entitled to free admission to one seminar of their choice (beyond the free Town Hall), while our Premium members can attend two sessions on the house. Members should contact me at for the code that will take the price of their session/s down to $0.00 during checkout.