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Jan 19–22, 2021
Sands Expo Center + Caesars Forum
Las Vegas, NV

3 Webinars to Help Boost (and Better) Booth Traffic

At NSSF®, we’re constantly looking for new educational opportunities for our SHOT Show® exhibitors – to ensure everyone is getting the most out of our industry’s biggest and best event of the year. We’ve got a great new series of webinars coming your way with one of our most popular speakers from this summer’s SHOT Show Exhibitor Academy. Trade show strategy specialist Robyn Davis is hosting three Q&A-style webinars, all of which are free for SHOT Show exhibitors (learn more and register below).

Robyn has also graciously offered to provide a set number of one-on-one consulting sessions on these topics with SHOT exhibitors. If interested, simply check that box when registering for these webinars. We hope you’ll take advantage of these awesome opportunities.


Quick Tips for a Better (More Strategic) SHOT Show Booth Design

At a trade show, like the SHOT Show, you only have seven seconds to capture the attention of your event-specific target audience. Your booth design should attract more of the right professionals, but it should also give the wrong professionals the confidence they need to keep walking (without wasting your time) and it should support your team in their efforts to provide a consistently positive experience to every booth visitor. Learn quick tips for strategic booth design and get answers to your biggest questions. REGISTER HERE


Quick Tips for Improving Your Pre-Show Marketing Efforts for the SHOT Show

Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to ensure you can engage with enough of the right professionals during the SHOT Show to accomplish your event-specific goals is to perfect your pre-show marketing. Effective pre-show marketing isn’t really about you – it’s about empowering your audience to choose to make time to meet with you, despite all of the other choices available to them, and equipping them to ensure your interactions are as productive as possible. Learn quick tips for strategic pre-show marketing and get answers to your biggest questions. REGISTER HERE


Quick Tips for Training Your Entire SHOT Show Team Properly

Once you arrive in Las Vegas for the SHOT Show, your team will have the power to influence your reputation and results, above all of your other efforts. That’s a very big deal, especially if you aren’t confident they’re properly prepared to represent you well. Trade shows are different from long-term sales and marketing, but most professionals don’t realize or act upon this, so their on-site efforts aren’t as effective as they could be. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Learn quick tips for strategic training and get answers to your biggest questions. REGISTER HERE

JAN 19–22, 2021 LAS VEGAS