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5 Need-to-Know Tips for Trade Show Exhibitors

SHOT Show exhibitor Tips

SHOT Show® is fully loaded with more than 2,000 exhibitors. To help you stand out from the crowd at the largest trade show for the shooting, hunting and firearms industry, we gathered the top tips that SHOT Show exhibitors need to know and do long before the show begins.

Here are 5 need-to-know tips for trade show exhibitors taken straight from attendees of the National Shooting Sports Foundation®’s annual SHOT Show Exhibitor Academy

  1. Bookmark the “Exhibitor Resource Center” to keep on top of all your To-Do’s.

    “Make sure you have looked through the exhibitor kit when you get it, keep track of all the deadlines [and] make sure you know everything because you can save a little extra money there too. There are big savings if you follow those early-bird deadlines.”
    — Christie Gates, Benelli USA

  2. Pre-plan your marketing goals

    “Make sure you have all of your pre-show promotion and post-show promotion planned way before the show. The show is obviously in January and we start our planning in the summer leading up to the fall.” — Michele Salerno, Celerant Technology

  3. Start creating a buzz about your company before SHOT Show. Here’s how to catch the eye of the media with your press kit:

    “If you want to get my attention you have to tell me what it is you're doing right off the bat, clearly, and make sure to take an image at least one or two megs on a simple background.” — Roy Huntington, FMG Publications

  4. First impressions count when it comes to booth design.

    “Data has shown that in a trade show environment — people walking past your booth — it’s typically 7 sec that they look at your booth and evaluate if it’s interesting enough to enter.” — Michael Kinn, Vista Outdoor

    “What we offer is very unique so that's what we are going to focus on what differentiates us from everybody else and making the booth clean and inviting and just smooth.” — Jason Baker, Uintah Precision

  5. Staff your booth with people who will represent you well and draw buyers into your booth with your opening statement.

    “‘Hey are you interested in?’ or ‘Would you consider?’ That's much better of an opening than ‘How's your day going?’ because everyone is going to say the exact same thing.” — Caitlin Ortiz, Ergo

    “We want to be welcomed into your booth we want to be taught how to sell your product if we decide to carry it, the more information we have the better decisions we can make.” — Jeanelle Westrom, Davenport Guns & Shooting Club

Get ready to make your mark at SHOT Show.

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