Attendee FAQs

  1. 1
    What are the 2019 registration fees for the SHOT Show?
    NSSF Member Non-Member
    Badge Type Before
    December 20
    December 21
    December 20
    December 21
    Buyers $35 $70 $70 $140
    Non-Buyers $175 $350 $175 $350
    LE/Military Buyer $35 $70 $35 $70
    LE/Military Non-Buyer $175 $350 $175 $350
    Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer/Material Supplier to Exhibitors $350 $450 $350 $450
  2. 2
    Who can attend the 2019 SHOT Show®?

    The SHOT Show is a trade only event. Attendance is RESTRICTED to the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade and commercial buyers and sellers of military, law enforcement and tactical products and services ONLY. The show is not open to the public, and NO one under age 16 shall be admitted (including infants). Click here for attendance requirements.

  3. 3
    Are unique email addresses required for every registrant?

    The SHOT Show is requiring individual unique email addresses for attendees, exhibiting personnel and media.

    The reasons for this are:

    • Using a unique email address will allow each SHOT Show badge holder to utilize and customize the online show planner and the show's mobile app.
    • All attendees will be able to receive timely SHOT Show information and communications.
    • Finally, the use of unique email addresses will help us in identifying non-qualified attendees.

    With your help, we can ensure that all exhibitors and attendees receive all the information they need, are able to utilize the show planner to its fullest and also help us in our continued efforts to ensure the SHOT Show remains a trade-only event with qualified attendees and exhibiting personnel.

  4. 4
    Can my NSSF company membership ID allow me to attend the SHOT Show?

    Yes, if you have a company NSSF membership and are an employee of that company you can register using your company ID While your company membership does help expedite your registration, you may still be required to show company employment information.

  5. 5
    What kind of business identification do I need to register?

    Refer to Attendee Registration Identification & Validation for a list of acceptable documents.

  6. 6
    What is the age limit to attend the SHOT Show?

    NO one under the age of 16 admitted (including infants). This policy applies to all show attendees including attendees, exhibitors, and media. Daycare is not provided.

  7. 7
    How do I add a spouse?

    If you are a buyer and have already registered and been approved, simply sign back in to your dashboard and click on add spouse.  If you haven’t registered yet, during the registration process, you will just add in their information on the spouse page. If your spouse works for the company please do not register them as a spouse, register them as an employee. We apologize but only approved buyers can register spouses.

  8. 8
    I am unable or unwilling to send in the proper documentation in order to be qualified for the event. Will I still be able to attend?

    Show policy requires that proper identification be provided to be approved for attendance to the SHOT Show. Documentation demonstrating current shooting, hunting and outdoor trade affiliation or commercial involvement in the military, law enforcement or tactical markets.

    View a List of Acceptable Documentation

  9. 9
    When will my badge be mailed?

    All attendee badge will need to be picked up at an Express Registration counter onsite at one of the many locations by bringing your approved confirmation with barcode. The full list of pickup locations is coming soon.

  10. 10
    I misplaced my ‘pending' letter I received after applying to attend, how can I have another emailed to me?

    You can go to and click on check status. You will enter your email address and it will give you the option to resend your confirmation.

  11. 11
    What happens if I lose my badge?

    Your badge is your credential to attend the SHOT Show. In order to remove any possibility for badge duplication, we must follow this policy. It is in everyone's best interest to limit attendees to only one badge. You will be charged a $100 replacement fee to replace a lost or stolen badge.

  12. 12
    Are personal firearms or ammunition allowed?

    NO personal firearms or ammunition allowed. Only firearms on display by exhibitors whose firing pins have been removed (and have been inspected by SHOT Show Safety Advisors) will be permitted on the show floor.

  13. 13
    How do I book hotel/travel in the SHOT Show block?

    You can register within the SHOT Show's official housing block after you register. You will want to be sure that your registration is approved prior to making travel reservations. You can use the housing link after you complete your registration or by clicking on the housing link found on your approval confirmation. You can also go to the “Vegas/Hotels” page found on the show website.

  14. 14
    Why was I denied access to the event?

    If you were declined to attend the show, it may be because you did not provide the documentation required or it was determined that you do not demonstrate the required professional affiliation. SHOT Show is limited to retailer attendees or working industry professionals.

    If you wish to appeal, please email a request to Or if you would prefer to speak with someone directly, please contact customer service at (855) 355-7468 U.S. or (203) 270-2370 International. Please note, NSSF reserves the right to decline registration to any individual. Your attempt to register is an application to attend, not a confirmation that you are approved.

  15. 15
    Can I bring my pet to the SHOT Show?

    NO animals except for properly identified on-duty ADA recognized service animals.

  16. 16
    Due to limited parking, driving to the show is not recommended. What alternate forms of transportation are available in Las Vegas?

    First and foremost, being located on The Strip, many SHOT Show attendees will be within a 10-minute walk of the Sands Expo Center. In addition, we'll have shuttle buses running from partner hotels, the monorail, and UBER and LYFT are now available in Las Vegas as another option.

  17. 17
    How do I make a group registration (2 or more registration records)?

    When you register online, you will be given the option to “ADD ANOTHER” or “FINISH REGISTRATION.” Click on “ADD ANOTHER” and repeat the registration process for the new registrant. When you are finished entering registrations, click on “FINISH REGISTRATION” to continue to the payment page and complete your session.

  18. 18
    Can attendees share or give their badges to someone else?

    No. Show badges constitute a limited, revocable license to the named badge holder to attend the current SHOT Show. Badges cannot be reproduced, sold, shared or otherwise transferred to another person. Show badges are the property of the show and may be revoked at any time for any reason.