Fully Loaded
Jan 19–22, 2021
Sands Expo Center + Caesars Forum
Las Vegas, NV

Going the Long-Range Distance

One segment of the shooting sports industry continues to gain interest and grow in popularity—long-range precision shooting. The many SHOT Show aisles are loaded with firearms, targets, ammunition, optics and thousands of accessories offered to meet this huge market segment. Retailers will have many firearms and accessories to show their customers in the days and months ahead.

Barrett Firearms is offering the MRad rifle for long-range enthusiasts.

“The precision market and extreme long-range market—the 2,000-yards targets—are growing,” said Bryan James with Barrett Firearms. “The increased quality of rifles, ammunition, and optics is driving this market segment to new highs. What was impossible 10 years ago is now possible for many shooters.” Barrett was showing the new MRAD fixed rifle. Impressive and the company’s booth was active and crowded.

Ben La Londe with Seekin Precision showing a rifle for the long-range market.

Seekins Precision also has an impressive display at the show that draws crowds of attendees wanting to see new firearms, both long-range and hunting rifles. “Our SP10M long-range rifle, a gas gun, came out on top in a recent USASOC test,” said Seekins Precision representative Benjamin Le Londe. “We are also selling a large number of ARs to competitors so retailers are here and shopping.” The company was also showcasing a strong selection of HAVAK bolt-action hunting rifles that provide numerous desirable features. The lightweight Mountain Hunter bolt-action rifle was getting a lot of attention.

Fabio Costinovis presents a wood and metal riflescope made by Woox.

Rifle owners seeking upgrades and modifications were looking at options in the Woox booth. This Hickory, North Carolina-based company combines wood and metal to create stunning rifle stocks that are durable and combine function with great looks. Customers have many options, including several long-range models. Some versions offer M-Lok options.

Harris Engineering will provide shooters with feature-packed bipods.

Shooters and hunters know how important stable rifles are to precision shots. Good bases, such as the popular Harris Engineering bipods, are the beginning. “We offer 20 different bipods for shooters and hunters, including our new 525-CP adjustable bipod that will mount to Picatinny rails,” said Aleta Armstrong. “We are getting a lot of response for our new products at the show—plus feedback. It’s been a really good show for our company.” Detachable bipods were spotted on nearly all isles.

Burris Signature HD riflescopes.

Optics are necessary for all shooting, and are top accessories for hunters. One product designed to meet those needs is the Burris new Signature HD line. Features include five reticle options and several magnification ranges.  One model is the new 2-10x40mm and some rifle scopes have 1-inch tubes while others are based on 30mm tubes.

Alpine Optics offers several models of riflescopes to hunters and long-range shooters.

Alpine Optics is back and is bringing several new products to the market, including a long-range model. The new Alpine 4.5-27X50mm Apex riflescope has been garnering attention. The company also offers six series of binoculars and a large selection of riflescopes.

Stuart Hutchins shows a new Kenetrek boot model.

There are many booths and exhibitors at the show who offer clothing and footwear. One footwear manufacturer bringing more than two dozen models of boots to the show is Kenetrek.

“The show is going phenomenally and we’re getting contacts and signing new dealers,” said Kenetrek representative Stuart Hutchins. Among the boots the company offers include steel toe, tactical, hiking and hunting models.

Ocellus Armored Eyewear are unique in design.

Among the most interesting things seen at the show are military-grade armored eyewear by Tardigrade Industries for law enforcement and armed forces. Company representative Tom Ackerman pointed out the goggles have a gasket to keep dust and debris out of the eyes, provide peripheral vision and utilize a durable thermo-plastic cover which is all held in place by a unique two-directional strap.

Streamlight is bringing many new lights to market this year.

More news at the show is that Streamlight will be bringing many more innovative lights to retail channels across America. The MacroStream USB can be recharged with a USB outlet. This hand-held light is about 4 inches long and has two modes, including high which produces 500 lumens.

Mike Humphries with Springfield Armory showing the company's Saint Edge PDW firearm.

Fans of the 1911 will also see many of these popular pistols at SHOT Show. Springfield Armory was revealing several new models along with a new Saint Edge PDW pistol. The company’s booth was busy and crowded.

If you like making precision shots or sending a bullet across a long span of earth, there is something to see at the SHOT Show. 

JAN 19–22, 2021 LAS VEGAS