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JAN 17–20, 2023

Most Scanned New Products During Day 2 of SHOT Show

New Product Center

With the show’s expansion to Caesars Forum, the additional space provided exhibitors with more opportunities than ever before. One of which is the expanded New Product Center, now located in a prime location at Caesars Forum. As we’ve seen in our surveys of both buyers and media, the New Product Center is one of the most heavily visited areas of the show each year, with both audiences in search of what’s new at the show. 

The SHOT Show 2022 New Product Center features 400 of the hottest new products! Through the SHOT Show Moblie App, attendees can scan the products they like in the New Product Center and quickly receive product details, manufacturer information and exhibit locations. Below are some of the most scanned products from Day 2.

Mantis Blackbeard

Using electromechanical wizardry, Blackbeard allows you to take up to 10 dry fire shots per second, quickly resetting the hammer between each shot.  The ultimate AR trigger reset machine.

Installation takes less than a minute.  Break open your AR, remove the bolt carrier group, drop in Blackbeard, close your baby up, and put the magazine in place to provide the power.  Dry fire away, counting how much money you're saving with every sweet trigger break and reset that you hear.

Blackbeard also comes with an optional laser in Green, Red, or Infrared.

Price: $250.00

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Pro-Shooter Smart Target System

The Pro-Shooter Series 2 Smart Electronic Target System, will be launched at the 2022 Shot Show in Vegas at booth #60506 January 18 – 21.

The system in development for over 2 years and holds Australian and US Patents and trademarks.

The targets are Wi-Fi based and use a base station to connect up to 15 targets that can work simultaneously. The feedback from the target is instantly recorded onto the free Pro-shooter app. Round capacity can be set to your own requirements and once the targets have recorded those shots the phone will prompt you to reload. Once your shoot is complete you can look at the shot placement of each target.

Regular updates will be available with new shooting modes, features and support for additional target types and technologies.

The target system can be used with:
– Pro-Shooter Series 1/2 Pro-Shooter Dry-Fire Trainers
– Pro-Shooter Vibration activated laser
– Laser bullets in regular firearms.

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Caliber Colors™ – Caliber Identification System

Quickly and easily directs customers to guns in the caliber they are looking for – by using these color coded Caliber Bands™.  Eliminates guesswork, confusion & time searching for the right gun. Caliber Bands™ wrap around gun barrels, stocks, trigger guards or price tags.  32 different colors with the caliber clearly marked on each one.  Color coordinated caliber chart included with every order to help employees and customers find guns fast. Inexpensive color coded bands wrap around and self-adhesive together.  Sold in color coordinated assortments for each dealer’s needs – Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols & Black Powder.

Price: $0.15

.44 Auto Mag Model D

The .44 Auto Mag® is an icon of cinematic, firearm, and literary history. It has been four decades since anyone has been able to purchase a new one, until now Over the last six years, we have reinvigorated the Auto Mag® brand and made substantial improvements to the gun’s reliability, safety, and ease of use, while still keeping the look and feel of the original.

Price: $4070.00

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Melissa Schilling
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Quinn Cassidy
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Bill Dunn
Vice President, Marketing, NSSF
JAN 17–20, 2023 LAS VEGAS