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Most Scanned New Products During Day 3 of SHOT Show

New Product Center

With the show’s expansion to Caesars Forum, the additional space provided exhibitors with more opportunities than ever before. One of which is the expanded New Product Center, now located in a prime location at Caesars Forum. As we’ve seen in our surveys of both buyers and media, the New Product Center is one of the most heavily visited areas of the show each year, with both audiences in search of what’s new at the show. 

The SHOT Show 2022 New Product Center features 400 of the hottest new products! Through the SHOT Show Moblie App, attendees can scan the products they like in the New Product Center and quickly receive product details, manufacturer information and exhibit locations. Below are some of the most scanned products from Day 3.

Wee 1 Tacticals' “JR-15” .22LR

Company: Schmid Tool

Our goal was to develop a shooting platform that was not only sized correctly, and safe, but also looks, feels, and operates just like Mom and Dad’s gun. Safety was so much at the forefront of our thought process that we developed and patented a tamper-resistant safety that puts the adult in control of the firearms safety switch. The Schmid Tool Team brought their collective 40 plus years of experience in the firearms business, specifically the AR platform, to the table to help launch the Wee 1 Tactical JR-15. We are so excited to start capturing the imagination of the next generation to enter the shooting sports.

JR-15 Specifications

  • SIZE: 30 7/8”
  • BARREL: 16”
  • .22 LR

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12 Gauge Perimeter Trip Alarm

Company: Fith Ops

Made of 6061 Aluminum, this unit utilizes a spring-loaded firing mechanism and a trip trigger. When the trigger is disturbed while loaded with a 12 gauge Flash Bang, the unit will discharge.

Price: $30.00

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Firebird Targets 65BIO Reactive Targets

Company: Firebird Targets

Following on the success of the popular Firebird 50BIO Reactive Targets introduced at the 2020 SHOT Show, Firebird 65 BIO Targets are an upcoming biodegradable detonating target! 65 BIO Targets are self-contained, pyrotechnic reactive targets that are legal, safe and easy to transport.

Fireird 65 BIO Targets require no mixing. Firebirds 65 BIOs are designed to be used at short, medium and longer ranges with handguns, rifles, shotguns, and archery.
They can be used as static targets or on a moving trajectory – such as a clay pigeon.

The new 65mm size target will be easier to hit at long range, offering a 2.6″ diameter target that is perfect for long-range shooting or use on a clay target.

Price: $19.95

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Aim Perfect simulator

Company: Aim Perfect Simulator

Developed by a SWAT operator for law enforcement and hunters, Aim Perfect is a software that turns your computer into a shooting simulator when used with a projector.  It can be used with both real guns or simulation guns. You shoot on a paper screen and you can record your own scenarios using a cell phone or any other device. You also have access to multiple shooting games on moving targets. The software record the exact moment of the shot so you can review your accuracy and analyze decision making. It also records verbal instructions given by the shooter for teaching purposes. Can be used indoor or outdoor, in CQB, sniper training, bodyguard training, patrol calls, money transfer and even with wildlife videos for hunter training. Depending on your field of work, you can replicate real-life situations and see how your operators react in any given situation. Very useful in the selection process for new members. Come to our booth to give it a try!

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Company: Hogue Inc.

The P320 stands as a leader in SIG SAUER’s premier pistol line and the K320 duly embodies the same precision manufacturing standards, prevailing as the pistol’s trustworthy companion. Designed by Jim Bruhns, Master Tool Maker and President of Hogue Knives, the K320 AXG is comprised of a 3.5” CPM S30V stainless steel blade and an anodized aluminum frame. Models will be available in button lock automatic and ABLE lock manual configurations, as well as a wide range of variations to match specific pistols within the SIG P320 AXG line, including Nitron, Scorpion, and Classic models. All Hogue automatic knives are for sale to legally permitted users through authorized dealers only.

Price: $239.95

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Check out some product spotlights from the 2022 SHOT Show

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