millennial Range Selfie

Firearms ranges, both indoors and out, are increasingly seen as part and parcel of today’s FFL retailers. Many of these range-retail combination businesses are cornering the market on the “destination experience” so many consumers are seeking these days. But even if it’s just four or five lanes that let customers “try before they buy” through a store’s rental gun program, more and more FFLs are seeing new revenue streams, increased customer traffic and improved customer loyalty when marrying their retail business to a range.

Shot University - an NSSF Live Event!This is why we developed the Range Learning Track of SHOT University, with sessions suitable for both those in the planning stages of building a range and those more established range businesses. Four sessions will be offered:

  • First Shots — You want new customers. You also want to turn those new customers into passionate shooters who will use your range with regularity. But how do you find those new shooters and, once you have them at your range, how do you inspire them? You need look no farther than NSSF’s First Shots program. This highly successful program is designed specifically to engage those who have never handled firearms and provide them the resources they need — your range, your instructors and your knowledge — to take their first shots. We’ll show you how with an engaging presentation by Richard Abramson and John Gonsalves of Colorado’s well-regarded Centennial Gun Club, and Zach Snow, NSSF’s Director of Shooting Range Services.
  • Range Maintenance and OSHA — This course addresses the what, why and how of lead handling best management practices, something every range has as a priority.  Jason Smith, CIH, of Firing Range Services will discuss the sources and distribution of lead dust and how to control lead exposure per the Federal OSHA Lead Standard for the health of your customers, your staff, your range and the environment. Bring a pad and pen for the Q&A session at the end.
  • Create Events and Membership Drives — These two things may seem like they each deserve their own course. Indeed they could. But sign up for this session and you’ll hear range business experts Jeff Swanson and Doug VanderWoude explain how they can work together to create a place where people first say, “Hey, yeah, I heard about that place and I can’t wait to try it!” and then, when they do, they leave saying “I can’t wait to go back!”
  • Engaging Range Technology — Has your steady-Eddie customer base seem to have lost its luster? Are the shooters who used to come in two or three times a week down to once a month — or less? It might be time to give your range a “fun-factor” boost. Bryan B.A. Stear can show you how today’s souped-up range technology, with its emphasis on entertainment, can draw in an all-new audience — and give those customers who used to be regulars a reason to come back to the fold.

The Range Learning Track is one of four in this year’s reformatted SHOT University — an NSSF Live! Event. Those interested in this subject matter may participate in this track in its entirety or choose the individual sessions that best suit your needs. To reserve your seat for the 2019 SHOT University, simply add this event to your shopping cart after completing your registration to attend the 2019 SHOT Show. NSSF Premium Retailer and Premium Range Members should remember they are provided a complimentary ticket to this event, as well as two complimentary reservations for the Retailer Seminars of their choice taking place Tuesday through Friday during the show. Those Premium members should contact me at to receive the codes that will reduce the price of these events to $0.00 in their shopping cart.