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JAN 18–21

Selling Your Information—We Didn’t, We Haven’t, and We Won’t

I was contacted by several people stating that they’d been contacted by industry companies that claimed they’d obtained a complete mailing contact list of our 2020 SHOT Show attendees that NSSF had sold to them.

This is simply not true. NSSF has never sold its SHOT Show exhibitor list, nor attendee list. We haven’t sold it in the past, we’re not selling it now and we won’t be selling it in the future.

That’s it, end of story—except that it helps to understand that whoever or whatever are claiming NSSF sold such a list are part of that same crowd of scammers who purport to offer you everything from advertising opportunities in “official” SHOT Show publications or a special deal on booth carpet installation to special, “unadvertised” rates in “official” SHOT Show hotels, and they’re the same scammers “suitcasing” the show floor to sell you logo pens and jump drives while you’re trying to work with actual buyers and media members.

As a reminder:

  • Your legitimate show contractors are listed in the Exhibitor Resource Center.
  • Official SHOT Show hotel blocks are available through onPeak.
  • SHOT Daily published by Bonnier and the SHOT Show Directory and SHOT Show Tracker published by NSSF are the only official publications of the 2020 SHOT Show.
  • FMG Publications (Shooting Industry) and Grand View Outdoors (Shooting Sports Retailer) are trusted industry trade publication partners.

And now you know, technology has been a gift for such people, and despite NSSF’s commitment to and the robust number of tools we have in place to protect the privacy of all our industry professionals attending SHOT Show, your information is discoverable through avenues outside our purview. All I ask of you from here is that you let us know when you’re approached by a person or company trying to sell you something or offering you some sort of deal and that offer just doesn’t smell or feel right. We will happily verify a vendor’s legitimacy or lack thereof—and that’s the only way, together, that we can help prevent you from being taken advantage of.

Have questions about a vendor or service and their affiliation to NSSF and SHOT Show? Contact Melissa Schilling, NSSF Director, Conferences & Exhibitions, at or 203-426-1320 ext. 275.

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Chris Dolnack
Senior Vice President and CMO, NSSF
Colleen Leonard
Manager, Conferences & Events, NSSF
Tammy McIntyre
Manager, Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales, NSSF
Melissa Schilling
Melissa Shilling
Director, Conferences & Exhibitions, NSSF
Chris Tatulli
Director, Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales, NSSF
Quinn Cassidy
Quinn Cassidy
Manager, Exhibition & Sponsorship, NSSF
Bill Dunn
Bill Dunn
Vice President, Marketing, NSSF
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