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JAN 18–21

SHOT Show Insider: 2022 Hotels, Space Selection Info and More

Welcome to the latest SHOT Show Insider, written by the SHOT Show team at NSSF and our show partners to keep you informed on all things SHOT Show. Let us know what topics you’d like to see addressed here in upcoming issues by emailing us at

2022 Hotel Room Blocks Now Available

SHOT Show hotel room blocks are now available for booking through the SHOT Show website, where you can book rooms through our official housing providers onPeak and The Venetian/Palazzo. — Melissa Schilling, NSSF

Reminder: Don’t Believe the Scammers

It’s come to our attention that scammers peddling fake email lists and hotel deals are at it again, targeting SHOT Show exhibitors and attendees. As a reminder to all our customers, please be cautious of emails you receive from vendors not affiliated with the SHOT Show. These trade show scammers get more sophisticated in their efforts each year, combing the internet for contact information and promising to-good-to-be-true deals. If you receive an email that you are skeptical of, please delete it or bring it to our attention by contacting us. The only sources you should trust are NSSF, the SHOT Show, and our official show partners. — Chris Dolnack, NSSF

Recent News about the Venetian Resort

As many of you may have heard, recently came the announcement that the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, which encompasses the Venetian Hotel, Palazzo Hotel and Sands Expo Center, is being sold. While some level of anxiety always permeates when you hear of a significant business partner being sold, we are enthusiastic about this move and believe it will benefit the SHOT Show in the coming years. First, the new owners will be retaining the same management team that delivers first-class treatment to our community each year. Second, the new owners are bullish enough on Las Vegas and the Venetian Resort to spend over $6.2 billion, and plan to invest even further to cement the Venetian Resort as the epicenter of the biggest trade show market in the world. The future is looking bright, and we look forward to continuing to call the Venetian Resort our home for years to come. — Jeff Pressman, ConvExx

What is a Space Selection and How Does it Work?

For those that have never gone through one of our space selections in the past, it is actually relatively simple and pain-free. Once all the applications have been received, we will establish the draw order from those applications based on each company’s respective priority points and membership status. Each company will get a time for which we will call you, as well as a link to the live floorplan that will show the available booths. That floorplan will change as booths are selected, and you’ll be able to watch it, in real time, develop into the new floorplan. That’s the beauty of it all: you’ll be able to see it grow and there is full transparency in terms of where everyone is going to be located.

When it is your time to pick, you’ll be able to see exactly which booths are available.  Keep in mind though that we will be calling multiple companies at the same time, and the decisionmakers need to be on the phone because it is not a process where we can go back and forth and a company can hold a booth. We will be calling approximately 1,700 companies over two weeks, so each company is designated only 10 minutes for the call. The person contacting you will have all your information, as well as a complete understanding of the show floor and what the other companies have been discussing. They will help you in finding the best booth available for the size and configuration you requested. If you need to change your request based on what is available, we try to accommodate as best we can. Once you have selected your booth, we send you a confirmation later that day with the booths specifications, a link to your updated invoice, and even a diagram of the booth if a pillar is in or near the booth so you can plan accordingly. 

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Exhibitor Services at 855-355-7468 or email us at — Jeff Pressman, ConvExx

Things to Keep in Mind When Making Your Booth Request

Without a floor plan to reference, you might think that having specific special requests is a moot point; however, they actually make all of the difference during space selection. Think about the needs of your team and tell us how those needs can translate to a booth space. Maybe your sales rep is a disabled veteran and the walk to the nearest restroom is harrowing, but you also want a lot of exposure? You could request to be placed on a main walkway close to a restroom. Maybe you have similar products to a large show exhibitor, and you thrive with the foot traffic headed toward that booth? You could request to have a corner booth near a specific company. Maybe you have the perfect display idea in mind and need height to accomplish your goals? You could request to be placed on a floor with at least a 15-foot clearance for your booth design. These requests will empower our team to find the best space available that meets your needs when it is your turn to select a booth. Need help changing or updating a request? There is still time. Log in to your Exhibitor Dashboard to make changes or reach out to Exhibitor Services at 855-355-7468 or email us at The team is ready and willing to help. — Melanie Mathis, ConvExx

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