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SHOT Show Insider: 5 Questions, 5 Answers on the 2022 SHOT Show

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5 Questions, 5 Answers on the 2022 SHOT Show

With planning for the 2022 SHOT Show in full swing, our sales and customer service teams have been receiving many questions from exhibitors. Below are five of the most common questions we are being asked right now. As always, if you have any questions or need our assistance, please reach out to us at any time at — Chris Dolnack, NSSF

1. How Are Booth Deposits Being Handled for the 2022 Show?

One of the most often-asked questions we are getting relates to exhibitor booth deposits.  Typically, a 25% deposit is required in January and then another 25% by the first week of April.  As with everything else in our lives these days, though, we are approaching it a little bit differently this year. With a percentage of deposits for the canceled 2021 SHOT Show being rolled over to the 2022 SHOT Show, most companies deposits are now covered. That includes not only the typical first 25% installment, but also what is typically paid in April.

Therefore, assuming your company has money rolled over from 2021, no further deposits will be required before the space selection. Only after you pick your booth in May, and we all know the full price for the booth selected, will we then send you an invoice for the remaining balance due, if any, to catch up to the then required 50%. Towards the end of the Summer, we will return to our regularly scheduled payment schedule and the customary final 50% will be due August 6, 2021. — Mike Clark, ConvExx

2. How Do I Sign Up?

Assuming you want to sign up for the 2022 SHOT Show, the first question may be “How Do I Sign Up?” If you participated in the 2021 SHOT Show On Demand, you were sent an email last week with the link to your renewal. The email went to the Trade Show Contact from the 2021 SHOT Show. If you did not receive it or need to change the Trade Show Contact so the appropriate person receives the link, please contact us at If you did not participate in the 2021 SHOT Show On Demand, you can sign up to exhibit at — Mike Clark, ConvExx

3. Why a Space Selection Now?

We are getting this question a lot these days, which is understandable given we haven’t conducted a full space selection since we moved to the Sands 12 years ago. However, that’s one of the greatest reasons right there—we haven’t had a “clean” floorplan to build the show since it was first created in 2010. 

Think about how much the show and our industry has changed since 2010. Furthermore, the years of manipulating an already compact trade show floor has made it more and more difficult to navigate for attendees and is one of the chief complaints we get from our customers each and every year. Marry that with the need to make adjustments to account for the addition of the Caesars Forum, and the health and safety requirements being implemented for the current COVID-19 environment, and there is no better time to start from scratch and build a floorplan that will make a better experience for everyone coming to Las Vegas. 

Fortunately, we have a built-in system that has been carried through from the show’s inception to reward those that have supported SHOT Show over the years. While this new process may cause some anxiety this year with not knowing exactly where your booth will be located, it is certainly in the best interest of the industry and the show to adapt and improve as we return to Las Vegas next year. We believe you’ll feel the same way upon your arrival at the show next January. — Jeff Pressman, ConvExx

4. What’s Next for Building the 2022 SHOT Show?

With the space selection this year, a lot of planning is having to take place to build a floorplan that will not only accommodate the changes with the Caesars Forum and COVID-19 safety requirements, but the requests of each and every exhibitor as well. For years, exhibitors have been requesting booth sizes that we haven’t been able to accommodate because of the grandfathered booths. For years, exhibitors have had to shoehorn their booths into configurations that are not ideal because that’s what could be squeezed into a preexisting layout.

This year, that all changes, but we need your input to draw a floorplan that best serves your needs. That’s why we are asking for your booth applications now, with the precise size and configuration of the booth you WANT; not necessarily what you have had in the past. That’s the beauty of a full space selection—we are attempting to accommodate your ideal booth. While there’s no guarantee we will be able to fulfill your requests, we are using this time to work our hardest to provide a layout and deliver a show next January that will serve the industry like never before. With that being said, please follow-through with sending in your applications as soon as possible so we fulfill that promise. — Jeff Pressman, ConvExx

5. How is Selection Order Determined and How Do I Accumulate Priority Points?

NSSF membership level and priority points determine selection order. Points are accumulated through consecutive years in the show and booth size—companies receive 10 points for each year exhibited and 1 point for each 100 square feet (so a 10×10 receives 11 points, 10×20 receives 12, etc.). Companies can receive additional points through advertising/sponsorship participation.

NSSF Patron membership is the first level to select in point order, followed by Supporting and Associate level in point order. After all members have selected, non-NSSF-member exhibitors are processed in priority point order. — Chris Tatulli, NSSF

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