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SHOT Show Insider: 5 Questions, 5 Answers

Welcome to the latest SHOT Show Insider, written by the SHOT Show team at NSSF and our show partners to keep you informed about plans for the upcoming show as well as provide you with useful insider tips on how to have a more productive SHOT Show experience. Let us know what topics you’d like to see addressed here in upcoming issues by emailing us at

5 Questions, 5 Answers

With the SHOT Show rumor mill in high gear, we’re starting a new SHOT Show Insider feature that answers the 5 most common questions regarding SHOT Show as submitted by you, our customers. The questions and answers will be featured here in each issue of the Insider and in NSSF’s Bullet Points newsletter. CLICK HERE to submit a question for 5 Questions, 5 Answers. Here’s the first round of questions we received:

1. At this time, the governor has a 250, up to a 1,000 persons capacity limit for large gatherings. Are you optimistic that this number will improve drastically in order to satisfy the exhibitors?   

That’s the most common question we’ve received and the one that is on everyone’s mind. The 250/1,000 person capacity update to the executive order was a long time in coming and not what the Las Vegas hospitality and events industry expected or hoped for after holding a mock trade show at the Sands Expo and Wynn to demonstrate to Governor Sisolak and state and local health and safety officials how business conferences and trade shows can be held safely. We are hopeful that the restrictions currently held to other businesses in the state, including the casinos and restaurants and bars of 50% of capacity based on the size of the space, will be applied toward the trade show and conference space in the coming weeks. SHOT Show can accommodate 50,000 people at 37.5% of capacity. Obviously, the next update to the executive orders has to increase dramatically and be more in line with the parameters governing other activities in order for us to move forward. More on this below.

2. Will there be a drop-dead decision date made as to whether or not this show will go on so that exhibitors can avoid any additional, costly expenses?

We have been advised that Governor Sisolak will update the parameters for indoor gatherings in November. At that time, we’ll evaluate whether those updated parameters will allow us to move forward with the SHOT Show. All of us are anxious to know if we can move forward with our show plans. We understand that exhibitors are incurring expenses for their booth builds. We also understand that while most exhibitors ship their freight to Las Vegas after the first of the year, there are some exhibitors that ship in mid to late December and that a decision will have to be made prior to mid-December. We recognize the sooner the better for all concerned, however, our current goal is to serve the overall industry by hosting an event, and that requires waiting a bit longer.

3. How are you going to control one-way direction of aisles?

We’ve laid out the traffic flow, entrances and exits — and included that schematic in the last issue of SHOT Show Insider — and will be posting signage and have assistance onsite throughout to help facilitate everyone’s movement around the show. As a business event, we’re also relying on our customers’ good sense and judgment to comply with the directional and promote a safe environment for all participants. Sands Security and SHOT Show Ambassadors wearing green shirts will be present on the show floor to help attendees navigate the show floor in an orderly and safe manner.

4. Are restaurants going to be able to handle capacity with social-distancing guidelines?

From what we know from SHOT Show team members who have been in Las Vegas and our partners in the city, restaurants have reduced their indoor capacity to comply with social-distancing guidelines, and where possible, added outdoor seating. Some restaurants that are currently operating on a take-out only or outdoor-dining-only basis are anxiously anticipating our arrival so that they can feasibly reopen indoors. Even with anticipated reduced attendance, getting a restaurant reservation at the popular eateries on the Las Vegas Strip could be challenging, so we recommend that you book lunch and dinner reservations early. Please note that many restaurants are currently at capacity on weekends but relatively empty on weekdays as there are few, if any, business travelers in Las Vegas. We will be the only large-scale business event in Las Vegas that week, so it will be similar to what the city currently encounters on weekends in terms of visitation. This year, we would also recommend exploring dining opportunities off the Strip and outside the resort corridor. There are hundreds of restaurants of varying cuisines, and much lower pricing, throughout the city of Las Vegas that are worth a visit.

5. I have not yet booked a flight for SHOT Show, especially with the news of the NWTF convention going virtual in 2021. If SHOT Show will not be in person, when would that news be announced? When is it safe to book a flight? 

With most major airlines now waiving change and rebooking fees, we suggest that you book your flights sooner than later. We’re confident enough that the NSSF staff working the show already have their flights booked. More on the timing of any further decisions are above.

— Chris Dolnack, NSSF

Webinar Tomorrow: ‘Presenting the 2021 SHOT Show Floor Plan—New Entrances, One-Way Aisles and Hand-Sanitizer Stations’

The SHOT Show Exhibitor Academy webinar series continues tomorrow (October 22) at 2 p.m. Eastern with “Presenting the 2021 SHOT Show Floor Plan—New Entrances, One-Way Aisles and Hand-Sanitizer Stations.” Join ConvExx President & CEO Jeff Pressman as he presents an in-depth look at the 2021 SHOT Show floor plan, including new entrances, one-way aisles and hand-sanitizer stations. Reserve your spot now. Email invitations were sent to exhibitors on Monday. If you didn’t receive an invite, please let us know and we’ll reserve a spot for you. — Erik Scarpati, NSSF

Interview with Otis Technology on 2021 SHOT Show

Continuing in our series, “Why I Wouldn’t Miss SHOT Show,” writer Kevin Tate caught up with Otis Technology Marketing Director Heather Pleskach to talk about the company’s plans for the 2021 SHOT Show. Asked what she’s looking forward to most about the show, Pleskach said, “Without a doubt, it’ll be simply seeing people in person instead of over a web conference.” It’s a great read, and you can find it here. — Bill Dunn, NSSF

Inside the New Caesars Forum

While opening a new conference center during a pandemic may not be ideal timing, we are very fortunate and excited to be adding the Caesars Forum this year. Not only are we able to accommodate hundreds of new exhibitors this year with the expansion, but the increased indoor and outdoor spaces will make for more opportunities to spread out and hold a safe event. I’m now making regular visits to the Caesars Forum these days in an effort to plan for the upcoming SHOT Show with all of our Vegas partners, and was excited the other day to see the SHOT Show branding and an industry-specific video running on their marquee digital screen at the entrance to the main lobby. Along with our partners at Caesars, we can’t wait to share this breathtaking addition to Las Vegas and the SHOT Show in January. You can see more by CLICKING HERE and tour the expanded SHOT Show home. — Jeff Pressman, ConvExx

SHOT Show Registration Now Open and in Full Swing

SHOT Show registration is now open in full swing for all exhibitors, attendees and media. We’re happy to report that registration so far is currently on pace with previous shows. As mentioned in the Insider previously, there are changes this year to the registration process, with everyone’s health and safety being top of mind. Everyone should be prepared and register early this year, as there will be NO on-site registration and registration will be closed January 6, so please plan accordingly. I can’t stress enough that only approved registrants will be allowed to attend the SHOT Show. All attendees and media will now be receiving their badges in the mail, just like in past years. In order to receive your badge in the mail, all attendees and media must be registered and approved by December 17. Exhibitor badges will be picked up on site by the primary contact of the exhibiting company, by appointment ONLY. By putting these changes into place, this will prevent any crowding and allow for continued social distancing while keeping everyone safe. Additional information will be provided on our new protocols as we approach the show. — Melissa Schilling, NSSF

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