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Jan 23–26, 2024
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SHOT Show Insider: Deadlines, Opportunities, and Updates

Welcome to the latest SHOT Show Insider, written by the SHOT Show team at NSSF and our show partners to keep you informed on all things SHOT Show. Let us know what topics you’d like to see addressed here in upcoming issues by emailing us at

Update Your Digital Press Kit for the Media

SHOT Show media are now accessing the Digital Press Kits site looking for content for stories for the 2023 SHOT Show. Be sure your Digital Press Kit is up to date with your media assets, including press releases, logos, photos and videos for up to three of your products. To log in, simply click the Digital Press Kit Access link under Dashboard Links on your SHOT Show Exhibitor Dashboard. This instructional video and how-to instructions will help walk you through the whole process. — Mike Clark, ConvExx

It’s Time to Register for your Staff Badges

Be sure to register for your staff badges as soon as possible. Simply go to, sign into your Exhibitor Dashboard and click on the REGISTRATION button. Your Exhibitor Registration Dashboard is the first screen you see when you sign into the SHOT website. Once there, you can submit for your Exhibitor, Exhibiting Media, and Exhibitor Guest badges, as well as purchase monorail tickets, sign up for education courses and purchase lead retrieval. To avoid the anxiety of receiving badges in time, we will not be mailing badges to exhibitors. Instead, we are providing numerous places around Las Vegas, as early as the Thursday before the show, to pick up your badges. If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please don’t hesitate to call us at 855-355-7468 or 203-270-2370, or email— Casie Stock, ConvExx

VIP Networking & Nightlife Package Early Bird Price Expires Tomorrow

The recently announced VIP Networking and Nightlife Package is already making news and changing plans for many in the SHOT Show community. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to network with the community under the lights of some of the hottest nightclubs in Vegas. Early bird price for the All Access pass expires tomorrow (Friday, December 23). Visit for the full schedule and link to purchase access today. — Melissa Schilling, NSSF

New Product Center: Breeze Through Check-In

There’s still time to upload your new product information on the Dashboard. We need your product information to generate the QR code for attendees to scan. We print them for every product submitted before the show, so don’t get stuck uploading on-site and waiting for a QR code! Upload your information now, even if it’s just the name and a short description, so we have a product ID to make a QR code for. You can always update your product info later in the Dashboard at any time. — Chris Tatulli, NSSF

Help Us Protect Your Investment in the Show

We know there are companies out there trying to take advantage of the thousands of buyers descending upon Vegas next month. Whether it be non-exhibiting companies setting up meeting rooms in suites or off-site activities, we are doing everything we can to prevent these companies from taking the buyers off the show floor. We are working with many of the hotels in Las Vegas to help with this program, but oftentimes we need your assistance in letting us know they are being planned since oftentimes we don’t know about it until it is too late. If you anticipate anything planned for Las Vegas that is against our show rules, please let us know by emailing  It can remain anonymous if you prefer. If you see something on-site as well, please let us know. Don’t wait until after the show when it is too late for us to take action. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation. — Chris Dolnack, NSSF

Plan for Supplier Showcase During SHOT Week

We believe this applies to everyone reading this newsletter, but if you use or produce tools, machinery, plastics, fabrics, OE materials, logistics, software or other products and services for the shooting, hunting, outdoor and law enforcement industries, then SHOT Week’s Supplier Showcase is your opportunity to connect with a wide range of manufacturers and other industry professionals. Look beyond the normal team you bring as booth staff for the SHOT Show, and plan to bring along the personnel who make decisions on your supply chain, as well those who can help your business connect to the best suppliers in the industry. The Supplier Showcase takes place on Level 5 of the Venetian Conference Center on Monday and Tuesday of SHOT Week, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  — Chris Tatulli, NSSF

Advance Warehouse

The last day to receive your freight at the Advance Warehouse rate of a $1.08/lb is January 4. From January 4 to January 9, Freeman will still accept freight, but the rate will increase to $1.35/lb. The shipping labels are located in the Exhibitor Resource Center under Shipping Labels – Warehouse. Make sure you complete the label with your company name, booth number and the number of boxes sent. All Advance Warehouse shipments will be in your booth by your assigned Target Time. — Jeff Pressman, ConvExx

Secured Storage

If you are shipping firearms to the Advance Warehouse, they need to be packed separately from your freight with the Direct Security Wearhouse label. The deadline for the standard rate of $1.08/lb is January 4. From January 4 to January 9, Freeman will still accept freight, but the rate will increase to $1.35/lb. The shipping labels are located in the Exhibitor Resource Center under Shipping Labels – Directly Security Warehouse. Make sure you complete the label with your company name, booth number and the number of boxes sent. Please keep an inventory of all firearm shipments, including the serial numbers. All shipments will be taken to Secured Storage on Level 1 – Hall G, ready to be signed out by a company employee. — Jeff Pressman, ConvExx

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors

Please note each EAC company must provide show management an EAC Agreement with on-site contact information and the services to be performed. The deadline is this week. We continue to process applications and we want to avoid any potential issues on site, so please submit them as soon as possible if they haven’t yet been completed. There is an agreement and application located in the Exhibitor Resource Center. Certificates of Insurance must be provided, along with the application, with updated additional insured inclusions. Please contact or call 702-216-5846 for more information. — Kathryn Rae, ConvExx

Deadlines This Coming Week

December 22: Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Application
December 23: Exhibitor Meeting Room Set Style
December 23: Sampling: Food & Drink
December 27: Cleaning – Booth Order – Venetian
December 27: Electrical Order – Venetian
December 27: Hanging Truss, Chain Hoist, Lighting and Stagehand Labor (Advance Rate) Venetian
December 27: Internet & Telecommunications Order – Venetian
December 27: Labor – Rigging 200lbs and over – Venetian
December 27: Payment Authorization – Venetian
December 27: Booth Security Cameras (Advance Rate) Century
December 27: Booth Security Guard Service (Advance Rate) – Century
December 27: Utilities – Air, Drain, Sprinklers, Water – Venetian
December 28: Catering Request – Venetian
December 30: Food Service – Booth (Advance Rate) – Venetian

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SVP & Chief Customer Officer, NSSF
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Bill Dunn
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Kathryn Rae
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