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SHOT Show Insider: Exhibitor Webinar Series, Vegas Expands Its Relaunch and More

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Welcome to the latest SHOT Show Insider, written by the SHOT Show team at NSSF and our show partners to keep you informed about plans for the upcoming show as well as provide you with useful insider tips on how to have a more productive SHOT Show experience. Let us know what topics you’d like to see addressed here in upcoming issues by emailing us at

Webinar Tomorrow: ‘Quick Tips to Overcome COVID-19 Concerns & Achieve Your Top Exhibiting Goals at the 2021 SHOT Show’

NSSF is kicking off a SHOT Show Exhibitor Academy webinar series tomorrow (Sept. 24) at 2 p.m. Eastern with award-winning trade show trainer Robyn Davis at Exhibitors WINH LLC. Robyn will help you kickstart your strategic preparations by answering the exhibiting questions that are “top of mind” for you today and teaching you how to squeeze even more value out of your participation in the 2021 SHOT Show (despite any COVID-19-related challenges). Email invitations were sent to exhibitors on Tuesday, Sept. 15. If you didn’t receive an invite, please let us know and we’ll reserve a spot for you for Robyn’s Q&A presentation, “Quick Tips to Overcome COVID-19 Concerns & Achieve Your Top Exhibiting Goals at the 2021 SHOT Show.” — Erik Scarpati, NSSF

Vegas Has Expanded Its Relaunch

While much of the headlines coming from Vegas have been about the resorts and casinos, and the travelers they are drawing over the weekends, the government and business leaders in Vegas are now squarely focused on reopening the meetings and conference industries.  With significant strides being made in terms of reducing the reported positive cases as well as positivity rate, many businesses that had been previously shut down have been reopened.  While these businesses, namely the bars and taverns, are not directly correlative to the SHOT Show and trade show business, it is a significant step for Las Vegas and was only permitted due to the gains made in the COVID-related data. Recent presentations made by local government and business leaders to the Governor and his COVID task force have also indicated that protocols and preparations implemented that will make for a safe reopening of conferences and trade shows in Las Vegas.  These have been well received by the COVID task force, and it is anticipated more guidance and expanded authorizations that will permit the SHOT Show to take place will be released in the coming weeks, well in advance of our show in January.  We look forward to that day where we can share the news that Vegas is ready and open to celebrate SHOT Show in 2021. — Jeff Pressman, ConvExx

NSSF and OSG Announce Unprecedented SHOT Show Media Partnership

NSSF and Outdoor Sportsman Group have announced a strategic partnership that will generate an unprecedented level of media coverage and promotion for the 2021 SHOT Show and our exhibitors. With support from NSSF, OSG will harness the industry-leading content-creation capability and subject-matter expertise of its 12 hunting and shooting brands to produce and market the exclusive “SHOT Show New Product Premiere.” Read more about it here. — Chris Dolnack, NSSF

SHOT Show Meeting Rooms—Breathe Easy

The ability to meet privately, away from the show floor and interruptions in your booths, is critical to getting business done during SHOT Show. Recently, the executive team from the Sands Expo Center hosted a tour of the meeting rooms, show halls and floor with Nevada’s leaders to discuss the steps they’re taking to ensure events such as SHOT Show can take place safely and on schedule.

The highlight of the improved meeting room infrastructure, one that is also part and parcel of improvements to all the Sands halls and show floors, include a newly enhanced HVAC system designed to meet or exceed current health and safety standards. The system:

  • Is capable of controlling circulation of up to 100 percent of outside air and exhaust.
  • Performs rapid exchange of outside air and inside exhaust, every 15 minutes on the show floor and more than twice that rate in more confined areas such as meeting rooms.
  • Contains state-of-the-art MERV-8 (pre-filter) and MERV-15 system filters, with the addition of HEPA filters in designated areas. System coils are cleaned and sanitized at every filter change cycle.

We want everyone who attends SHOT Show and enters all the Sands’ meeting room spaces and exhibit halls to understand that they may absolutely be able to do so without compromising best health and safety practices. These improvements underscore the dedication the Sands and the Venetian/Palazzo complex have to not just hosting SHOT Show, but making it the success it’s destined to be. — Melissa Schilling, NSSF

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