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JAN 18–21

SHOT Show Insider: New Caesars Forum Tour, Las Vegas Reopens and More

Caesars Forum

Welcome to the latest SHOT Show Insider, written by the SHOT Show team at NSSF and our show partners to keep you informed about plans for the upcoming show as well as provide you with useful insider tips on how to have a more productive SHOT Show experience. Let us know what topics you’d like to see addressed here in upcoming issues by emailing us at

Virtual Caesars Forum Tour

ConvExx President Jeff Pressman recently visited the new Caesars Forum, where the SHOT Show is expanding to this year. Jeff brought us on a virtual walkthrough of the new facility, and all of us at NSSF were blown away at how impressive it is. Located right next door to the Sands Expo, and connected by a bridge for easy access to and from each facility, this new convention center is a sight to behold. Our video team put together a 3-minute video from the tour. Watch it here. — Bill Dunn, NSSF

Las Vegas Reopens This Week

Las Vegas is reopening this week — on Thursday, June 4 — as Phase I of its reopening process. A majority of hotels will be opening their doors with hundreds of safety requirements set and approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Safety and staying healthy is top of mind for all hotels, for both their staff and customers. Here is an article that outlines some of the reopening measures taking place. Once Las Vegas demonstrates a successful Phase I reopening for roughly three weeks, Phase II will be the next step in the process. — Melissa Schilling, NSSF

Creating the Best Listing

When was the last time you reviewed your SHOT Show listing online? Have you uploaded your most recent logo? Now’s a great time to do it. This information about your company is available year-round on the SHOT Show website, so it’s important that it’s reviewed every few months. Remember, we’ll be downloading it in November for the printed show directory — but you can always update it for buyers to find throughout the year. A few hints:

  • What’s your objective at the show? A new product? New branding? Include that in your listing. 
  • Highlight your features and benefits — if you sell to the military and LE communities, say so. 
  • Ask a customer if your listing would make them add your company as one to visit at the show or contact you for more information.
  • If it’s NEW to the industry, use the word — don’t use the word NEW if you don’t have NEW! 
  • Don’t just pull information off your website that’s typically consumer oriented.
  • Don’t do bullets — it’s hard to read.
  • Don’t put your booth number down — that’s only good for four days!

Jeff Pressman, ConvExx

Dress Your Staff for Success

One of the best compliments a brand can receive is seeing attendees wearing their logo with pride while walking the aisles of the SHOT Show. But while this shows just how loyal they are to your brand, this can also create some confusion when they are in your booth wearing the same black polo as your booth staff. Uniformed and professional attire eliminates confusion when seeking out a booth staffer. The dress code should easily distinguish booth staff from attendees. Our post-show surveys have told us that many attendees find it difficult to locate the right people to talk to. Make sure your staff are easily identified and can be approached without hesitation. This is a simple step to make the SHOT Show your most successful show of the year. And always remember: a welcoming smile is the most important part of your uniform. — Tammy McIntyre, NSSF

Refund Policy Revision for 2021 SHOT Show

Many of you have asked if NSSF would consider altering its no-refund policy in light of the uncertainty we are all confronting. We’ve heard you. With the approval of the NSSF Board of Governors, we have changed our refund policy to ensure that, should NSSF cancel the 2021 SHOT Show, our exhibitors will receive a return of the full value of their investment. NSSF’s new SHOT Show refund policy is as follows: Should NSSF or the local, state or federal government cancel the 2021 SHOT Show, exhibitors will receive a 50 percent refund and a 50 percent rollover credit for the 2022 SHOT Show. This new policy provides you with a full total return on your investment while allowing NSSF—The Firearm Industry Trade Association—to continue its critical work on your behalf. It was just two months ago that the NSSF government relations team literally worked around the clock to have firearm industry businesses declared essential by the Department of Homeland Security and the governors of 47 states. And we stand ready to act on your behalf when the next disruption occurs. — Chris Dolnack, NSSF

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Chris Dolnack
Senior Vice President and CMO, NSSF
Colleen Leonard
Manager, Conferences & Events, NSSF
Tammy McIntyre
Manager, Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales, NSSF
Melissa Schilling
Melissa Shilling
Director, Conferences & Exhibitions, NSSF
Chris Tatulli
Director, Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales, NSSF
Quinn Cassidy
Quinn Cassidy
Manager, Exhibition & Sponsorship, NSSF
Bill Dunn
Bill Dunn
Vice President, Marketing, NSSF
JAN 19–22, 2021 LAS VEGAS