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More and more FFL retailers are attracting new clients, seeing loyal customers increase their visits and increasing profits through the addition of a firearms range to their facilities. It almost seems like a no-brainer: What better way to make a sale than to have a range where folks can try before they buy, experiment with new firearms, and give different ammo and accessories a whirl? Add in some well thought out shooting instruction and entertaining events like “date night,” for many it’s an instant recipe for success.

Of course, adding a shooting range to a retail store isn’t a simple thing. It takes time, lots of planning, permitting, marketing — and money. If you’re looking at this kind of physical expansion and investment, and especially if you’re not sure where to start, then our Retailer Seminar “New Range Funding and Design” is going to be the best 90 minutes you spend at the 2019 SHOT Show.

During this session, which kicks off our series of Retailer Seminars on Tuesday, Jan. 22, at 8:30 a.m., you’ll learn how to implement a range development planning process that helps you determine the proper size, location and technology you should be using in your range build. Most importantly, this session details what you need to fund such projects and how to secure that funding. Doug VanderWoude and Bryan “B.A.” Stear, speakers many of you have requested return each year to SHOT Show and present their latest intel, will be joined by Jimmy Neil for this panel discussion. Doug and Bryan have extensive backgrounds in range design and construction, while Jimmy’s expertise lies in loan funding, so they’ve “been there, done that” and know how to eliminate common headaches and hiccups along the way to shooting range gold.

Our all-new session “Law Enforcement and Grant Workshop” was created to address an often untapped FFL market, law enforcement agency sales. This can be a highly lucrative market, one of bulk sales of firearms, ASPs, handcuffs, tactical knives, holsters, duty belts, bullet-resistant safety vests and dozens of other accessories critical to officers of all duty levels performing their jobs — but you have to know how to successfully navigate the bidding and grant process to make it work. We’ve got that covered and more, and we encourage any FFL seeking a new market — and one that doesn’t require a significant on-hand inventory investment — to head to the Lando Room 4205 on Thursday afternoon at 2:45. Bring an iPad or notebook, because this two-hour seminar covers a lot of ground.

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The full list of the 2019 SHOT Show’s Retailer Seminars is available here, and we encourage all range and retailer professionals attending the show to take part in as many of these sessions as possible. Each session is just $25 for NSSF members and non-members. Once you’ve completed your registration to attend the 2019 SHOT Show, simply add the seminars of your choice (including the ATF Town Hall, which will have a $0.00 fee) to your shopping cart. As a reminder, our standard retail and range members are entitled to free admission to one seminar of their choice (beyond the free Town Hall), while our Premium members can attend two sessions on the house. Members should contact me at for the code that will take the price of their sessions down to $0.00 during checkout.