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Turn Some Heads: Exhibitor Sponsorships are the Way to Go

New Product Center


With more than 1,600 exhibitors and more than 12 miles of show floor, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd that is SHOT Show. This is certainly true for those exhibitors with smaller footprints and new companies who haven’t yet perfected signage and booth design to stand out, but believe it or not, even those exhibitors who take up what seem to be acres of floor space with a fancy booth can fail to make the most of their investment. The answer to both: sponsorships.

Now, before you say, “I just don’t have it in my budget,” it’s important to realize that NSSF has sponsorships available that fit just about every budget imaginable and, more importantly, can be tailored to target the audience you need in your booth. A few examples:

  • Product Spotlight Videos—These 3-minute videos are filmed live on the show floor at your booth, then posted immediately to the SHOT Show YouTube Channel and Those videos stay there year-round, providing you 24/7-365 promotion.
  • New Product Center—This special promotion center, featuring more than 400 of the hottest products coming to market each year, continues to experience substantial growth each year. A huge draw for media and savvy buyers—there were 33,212 product scans and 54,547 visits to the center via the SHOT Show Mobile App in 2016—this space automatically puts your product center stage.
  • SHOT Show Planner—With just four days to cover a show the size of SHOT Show, we know that buyers and media increasingly use the SHOT Show Planner to strategize their time on the floor to best advantage, and exhibitors use it to efficiently set appointments with those buyers and distributors ready to write orders. It is one of our best-rated organizational tools, and advertising here can pay off big: Last year’s planner had more than 1.3 million banner ad impressions.

These are just a few of the dozens of opportunities available to our exhibitors. You can view and download the full prospectus here. Both myself and Chris Tatulli, NSSF Director, Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales are happy to speak with you and help you determine what sponsorships will best reach your desired audience while also staying within your budget. But don’t wait. Some sponsorship opportunities such as the SHOT Show Directory, are close to selling out, and we’re still six months away from the show. We also run sponsorship specials, something you won’t want to miss. For August, we’ve extended the 10 percent discount on SHOT Show TV and video packages to August 12, so take advantage now.

Dave Jeannette is Senior Director, Sales for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Follow him on Twitter at @DaveJeannette.

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Melissa Schilling
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Quinn Cassidy
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Bill Dunn
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JAN 18–21, 2022 LAS VEGAS