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We’re always searching for topics to keep SHOT University fresh and give our retailers and range owners reason to come back each year. One of the more popular requests we’ve encountered since last year’s University has been for a discussion about e-commerce. In fact, we had so many requests, that we didn’t just add a session about this, we created an entirely new E-Commerce Learning Track.

Shot University - an NSSF Live Event!This track’s first of four sessions is “Streaming Inventory and the Power of Online Sales.” It might be hard to believe for some, but there are retailers out there that have little to no online presence. While brick-and-mortar FFLs will always be a necessary element of our industry, retailers looking for solutions that sustain profitability across shifting buying trends and political climates will find it in a robust online presence. Part and parcel of that online presence is streaming inventory technology. In this session, Gearfire CEO Chad Seaverns and industry retail consultant Hank Yacek will show you how it can actually drive your in-person sales, as well as improve repeat business and buyer satisfaction with your current clients.

Next up is “The Client Attraction Formula.” Moderated by marketing experts Karrie Christen and Colin Binion, this session dares to talk about the elephant in the room: Facebook and online censorship of the firearms industry. The social media giant has been critical to marketing efforts for hundreds of industries and thousands of businesses, but its decision to play social-justice hall monitor has thwarted outreach and messaging for our industry. Yet, believe it or not, there are ways the social media component of your marketing plan can still succeed on this platform — if you play by the rules. This session shows you how, and anyone attending will also receive complimentary access to additional online training.

Ever clicked onto a website and been frustrated by its lack of information or ability to find what you’re looking for? Of course you have. Websites that looked like a five-year-old designed them, those that contain no more than contact information and tabs that say “More information coming soon” (it never does), and sales, event and blog information that was last updated in 2015 are legion. And you know how likely you are to return to that site (never). If your website is not driving sales, not driving customers through your doors, then “Developing Online Content that Wins,” presented by SHOT University favorite Frank Furness, is one session you won’t want to miss.”

Our final session of the E-Commerce learning track, “Collecting Consumer Data and Putting it to Work,” is one for those who love the details. No matter the industry, today’s consumer wants more from your store than just the product they came in for and decent customer service. They want a buying experience, one that makes them feel they can’t wait to go back again. These days, the key to creating that experience lies in the wealth of data from your POS, surveys, suppliers and a host of other data collection resources readily available today. This is about far more than a spreadsheet that says you need to order more revolvers or treestands, so we brought in consumer psychologist Dr. Ari Zelmanow — who got rave reviews for the presentation he delivered at our CMO Summit — to show you how to look at all this amazing data in new ways and design actionable plans that have your clients talking about you in glowing terms with everyone they meet and every Yelp review they post.

The E-Commerce Learning Track is one of four in this year’s reformatted SHOT University — an NSSF Live! Event. Those interested in this subject matter may participate in this track in its entirety or choose the individual sessions that best suit your needs. To reserve your seat for the 2019 SHOT University, simply add this event to your shopping cart after completing your registration to attend the 2019 SHOT Show. NSSF Premium Retailer and Premium Range Members should remember they are provided a complimentary ticket to this event, as well as two complimentary reservations for the Retailer Seminars of their choice taking place Tuesday through Friday during the show. Those Premium members should contact me at to receive the codes that will reduce the price of these events to $0.00 in their shopping cart.

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