SHOT Show Badge

This week we began mailing SHOT Show badges to U.S.-based exhibitors, buyers and media professionals registered to attend the show. Exhibitor badges will be mailed during the first week in January. To save you time calling our customer service line, we’ve implemented a new self-service feature that allows you to instantly ascertain the status of your badge.

This link will allow you to check your badge’s approval or mailing status. Once you enter the required information — Registrant ID, company or first and last name — and begin the search, five status updates are possible:

  1. APPROVAL STATUS “Approved” — Your registration has been approved and the badge is in production. Check this site at a later date to see your badge’s mailing date.
  2. APPROVAL STATUS “Reviewable” — Your badge is still being reviewed. Be sure that you have uploaded any necessary credentials. Remember, you must have clicked the link in the email you received regarding your registration and confirming your unique email address. Badges will not be mailed if your email has not been confirmed.
  3. APPROVAL STATUS “Pending Change Request” — You have requested a change to your badge and we are in the process of making the necessary adjustments. Check this site at a later date to see an updated status and mailing date.
  4. BADGE MAIL “In Progress” — We are working on mailing your badge (as long as you are approved to attend and have verified your email). If your badge has been mailed, the date of its mailing will appear. (Badges mail via USPS, unless you paid for an upgrade).
  5. APPROVAL STATUS “Denied” or “Banned” — You have been denied attendance to the 2018 SHOT Show.

If you have questions, please call: 855-355-7468 or email:

U.S. based Attendees have the option to request their Badges in the mail. Attendees and exhibitors from outside the U.S. and those in the U.S. who did not request theirs by mail will be able to pick up their badges at the SHOT Show Registration Desk at the Sands Expo Center starting Sunday, Jan. 21.