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Since the first SHOT Show in 1979, Browning has been a proud exhibitor. Although the Browning family is no longer steering the ship, the spirit of John M. Browning lives on throughout the company today at its small but global headquarters in rural Morgan, Utah. Long and faithful service are trademark elements of the iconic […]

Welcome to NSSF’s SHOT Show column, “Working the Show.” Designed to help retailers and range owners of all sizes realize the most from their time and money spent in Las Vegas every year at SHOT Show, “Working the Show” examines how these retailers, along with manufacturers and media members, are maintaining contacts, responding to trends, […]

Welcome to the 40th Anniversary SHOT Show! I don’t know how our staff does it, but each year it seems that the SHOT Show is better than ever,” says NSSF president Steve Sanetti. “This year, we meet respectfully in the shadow of the recent tragedy at Mandalay Bay, with all the special challenges that horrific […]