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JAN 18–21

Supplier Showcase

Loaded with 500+ suppliers and countless materials and solutions.

Monday and Tuesday Only

January 17-18, 2022
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

A showcase of material suppliers

The SHOT Week Supplier Showcase is a dedicated event for suppliers to present their products to shooting, hunting and outdoor manufacturers. If you use or produce tools, machinery, plastics, metal extrusions, fabrics, OE materials, fabrication, logistics, software, or other products and services for the shooting sports or outdoor sporting industries, then SHOT Week's Supplier Showcase is your opportunity to connect with each other at the upcoming SHOT Show.

The materials and services you need to produce the highest caliber products will be on display:

Potential vendors

Interested in participating as a vendor? Exhibit at SHOT Week's Supplier Showcase.

You've been sending company representatives to the SHOT Show to meet with your customers — now do it during these dedicated days, with no dealer/retailer distractions!

What is SHOT Week?

It represents all the additional and growing number of industry-related events occurring in Las Vegas the week of the SHOT Show and is being produced by, or on behalf of, the NSSF and the SHOT Show.

Davidson's, America's leading shooting sports wholesaler
JAN 18–21, 2022 LAS VEGAS