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JAN 18–21

New Pavilion: SHOT Show eXtra

With the SHOT Show’s expansion to Caesars Forum, we’re introducing the all-new eXtra Pavilion!

A combination of two previous pavilions, SHOT eXtra presents the next generation of shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry companies in an easy-to-browse table-top pavilion.

More than 100 exhibits will be on display, giving you an eXtra bonus on the show floor with an opportunity to meet new manufacturers, discover new products, and identify new solutions you can’t easily find anywhere else.

SHOT Show eXtra will run the same days and hours as the SHOT Show and will be located adjacent to the New Product Center, one of the most visited areas at the show each year. 

Potential Exhibitors

Interested in participating in the all new SHOT Show eXtra?

SHOT eXtra
Schmid Tool
Levy's Outdoors
Schmid Tool Thureon Defense
JAN 18–21, 2022 LAS VEGAS