SHOT University

An in-depth review of the unique challenges for retail businesses and range operations.

With leadership, economic forecasting and other important topics such as compliance issues, marketing and e-commerce, SHOT University is a powerful one-day conference that dives into critical issues and presents lessons learned from influential industry leaders and high-profile keynote speakers. Enrollment fees: $265 NSSF members; $525 non-members.
Premium Retail/Range members will receive their first ticket FREE.

Photography or recording of seminars by participants is NOT permitted.

Announcing the 2019 Keynote Speaker

Scott McKain

Great isn’t good enough to grow your business anymore. Instead you must Create Distinction. How do you stand out from your competition so you become the preferred choice in a volatile marketplace? Scott reveals the elements that pull you back to the pack — and the Four Cornerstones of Distinction it takes to attain remarkable success.

Session Descriptions