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New Knives Coming in 2024

New Knives - SHOT Show 2024

To meet consumer demand, knife manufacturers are constantly upping their game.

By Christopher Cogley

The old saw, “A knife is a knife is a knife,” has never been a more blatantly inaccurate statement than it is today. There are more knives, of myriad design, on the market than ever before. To meet widespread demand knife manufacturers are continuously upping their game with new designs and materials and innovative functions that reset the bar on an almost daily basis. As you walk through the SHOT Show this year, it will be obvious which companies are continuing to place importance on both the functionality, and the unmistakable aesthetic appeal, of the knives that carry their brand.


Respected tactical brand 5.11 is keeping up with its “Always Be Ready” mantra with the launch of two new tactical folders designed to be practical in practically any situation. Both the Braddock DP Full and Braddock DP Mini have D2 drop-point blades with a noticeable swedge and stone-wash finish. The DP Full features a 3.5-inch blade and a 4.9-inch closed length while the Mini has a 3-inch blade and 4-inch closed length. Available in either black or tan, both knives have G10 handles with liner locks and deep crimping. SRP: $50, Full; $40, Mini.

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth #10334

Check these out on: 511tactical.com

Bear & Son Cutlery

Bear & Son’s expanded brands will offer a wide variety of new knives catering to consumers with a range of backgrounds and interests. As part of its Bear Ops brand, Bear is launching the Rancor IX. The tactical folder has a 2¾-inch blade made from Sandvik 14c28n steel with a black finish. The blade is housed in a Zytel handle with a side lock. SRP: $100. The Bear Edge brand will feature the new Brisk 2.0. The 2¾-inch 440 stainless-steel blade has a black oxide coating. Housed in a black Zytel handle, the Brisk blade is deployed with assisted opening release. SRP: $32. Bear & Sons is also releasing the Rancher Sideliner folding knife with a 3 3/8-inch D2 steel blade. With an overall length of 7 5/8 inches, the Rancher Sideliner has a titanium handle with steel liners. SRP: $125.49.

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth #12865

Check these out on: bearandsoncutlery.com


Benchmade is continuing its long-held tradition of creating knives that combine artistry with extreme functionality with the launch of the Seven-Ten folder. A product of the collaboration between Bill McHenry and Jason Williams (the duo responsible for creating Benchmade’s patented AXIS lock in 1999), the Seven-Ten is a fitting tribute to the 25th anniversary of the innovative locking mechanism. Featuring a 4-inch clip-point blade made from premium stainless steel housed in a stylish aluminum handle, the Seven-Ten is a knife you won’t want to leave in your pocket. SRP: $450. Benchmade is also releasing a filet knife designed to make short work of cleaning the daily catch. The Fishcrafter has a 9-inch trailing point CPM-MagnaCut steel blade with Benchmade’s SelectEdge technology. With an overall length of 13.94 inches the Fishcrafter has a Santoprene handle with a finger guard and jimping for a secure hold no matter how slick the hands. SRP: $260 (includes a sheath).

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth #10357

Check these out on: benchmade.com


Boker is using SHOT Show 2024 to re-launch a classic blade with a modern flair. The 943 BRLW folder features a 2.56-inch MagnaCut blade with a two-tone satin finish. With an overall length of 6 inches and tipping the scale at 2.3 ounces, the BRLW has titanium scales and pocket clip that add to its sleek, stylish design. SRP: $279. 

Boker is also paying homage to the iconic American Muscle Car this year with the launch of the new Mach-1 Damast. Designed by Tomaso Rumici, the Mach-1 features a 3.35-inch hand-forged Chad Nichols Damascus blade made with steel from a 1969 Mustang Mach-1. Featuring a stylish aluminum handle with old anodized inlays, the Mach-1 will be one of those knives people can’t wait to take out of their pockets. SRP: $569. Rounding out Boker’s offerings this year is the new Urban Trapper Automatik. Building off the original Brad Zinker design, the new automatic version of the original Brad Zinker Urban Trapper features a 3.35-inch MagnaCut blade with stonewashed flats and satin bevels. The Urban Trapper Automatik has a black matte anodized handle with a deep-carry stainless steel clip. SRP: $180. Booth #14821 (bokerusa.com)

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth #14821

Check these out on: bokerusa.com


In keeping with its tradition to provide hunters with all the tools they need to be successful in the field, Browning is releasing two new hunting knives at this year’s SHOT Show. The Primal Scalpel 2 Blade Folder features a deep-belly stainless-steel blade alongside a stainless-steel scalpel blade in a compact folder. The knife comes with a blade installation/removal tool that doubles as a place to store extra scalpel blades. Both blades are 2¾ inches long and are housed in a polymer handle with rubber scales. SRP: $60. 

The Guide Series Small Fixed blade knife is a solid, full-tang knife with a 3-inch Sandvick 14C28N stainless-steel blade with a Micarta handle. The compact fixed-blade knife is only 7 inches overall and comes with a leather sheath. SRP: $170.

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth #12238

Check these out on: browning.com


Buck has long had a large and loyal following among serious hunters, and this year Buck is showing exactly why that loyalty is so well-deserved. In keeping with the changing needs of today’s hunters, Buck is launching the Alpha Elite series of fixed-blade knives. The collection includes three separate knives designed to handle the different tasks that hunters undertake when field dressing a wide variety of game. The smallest of the knives is the 662 Alpha Scout Elite with a 3.75-inch blade and two sets of jimping designed for the precision work of caping or cleaning smaller game. The 663 Alpha Guide Elite has a 4.375-inch blade and an overall length of 9 inches. The straight spine and drop-point blade are crafted to handle the toughest tasks at camp or in the field. Rounding out the offering is the 664 Alpha Hunter Elite. The 3.75-inch blade has a deep belly and generous jimping to make it an ideal choice for skinning big game. All of the knives in the collection are made from MagnaCut steel and feature textured G10 handles. Adding to the modern style of the Elite series, the knives all come with black Kydex sheaths with belt loops and multiple attachment points. SRP: $208-$240.

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth #13651

Check these out on: buckknives.com

Cold Steel

Cold Steel is launching its updated Recon M1 knife at SHOT Show 2024. Handcrafted in Italy, the Recon M1 has a 4-inch MagnaCut steel blade with a black stonewash finish. The blade is housed in a G-10 handle with deep finger grooves for a secure grip. The knife features Cold Steel’s patented Tri-Ad locking mechanism and integrated pocket clip. SRP: $280. Booth #12865 (coldsteel.com)

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth #12865

Check these out on: coldsteel.com


The Camillus Camp Hatchet is designed to be the go-to tool for any camping chore. The 5.25-inch drop-forged head has a 3-inch cutting blade and is mounted on a 13.5-inch U.S.-sourced hickory handle. With a 16-inch overall length and weighing in at 2 pounds, the Camp Hatchet is stout enough to bang around with the best of them and balanced enough to make tough chores more manageable. SRP: $40 (includes a leather blade cover with sturdy rivets).

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth #13660

Check these out on: camillusknives.com

Columbia River Knife & Tool

Columbia River Knife & Tool continues to move the bar on both style and functionality this year with the launch of the Redemption folder. Designed by legendary knifemaker Ken Onion, the Redemption pays tribute to the gamblers and outlaws of the American West with a 4-inch spear-point blade, which is completely concealed in the streamlined handle when closed. The blade is the first CRKT knife to be made from CPM MagnaCut steel. The Redemption is also the first Onion-designed knife to feature the ambidextrous Crossbar Lock, which is used to both deploy and disengage the stonewashed blade. As elegant as it is functional, the U.S.-made Redemption has a G10 handle with a stainless-steel bolster and deep pocket clip. It has an overall length of 9.2 inches and weighs in at 4.9 ounces. SRP: $225.

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth #10960

Check these out on: crkt.com

Outdoor Edge

Outdoor Edge is set to make big waves in the EDC category this year as it launches a new line of EDC options that all incorporate its RazorSafe replacement-blade system. The line includes five different styles and seven different options for consumers to choose from. At the high end is the VX5 with a carbon-fiber handle and ceramic ball-bearing pivot release (SRP: $70). The VX1-VX4 knives are available with a variety of features and handle types in either a black-oxide coated or stainless-steel blade-holder option. The knives are also available with either stainless-steel ball-bearing pivot or spring-assisted opening mechanisms. All the knives have 3-inch replaceable blades available in standard edge or half-serrated options. SRP: $40-$70.

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth #70933

Check these out on: outdooredge.com


Spyderco has long been known for high-quality knives that stand the test of time, and the new launches at this year’s SHOT Show are no exception. Among the new introductions is the hefty Bodacious folder. Named after a rodeo bull deemed “the world’s most dangerous bull,” the USA-made Bodacious has a deep 3.7-inch blade made from CPM S30V steel housed in a G10 handle. Available with either a stainless or Spyderco’s black diamond-like coating. SRP: $350-$372. Spyderco is also releasing several new additions to its increasingly popular Salt Series of corrosion-resistant knives. The Manix 2 Lightweight Salt has a 3.4-inch blade made from CPM MagnaCut steel, which was created to deliver outstanding blade retention, strength, and corrosion resistance. The blade is housed in the bright yellow fiberglass-reinforced co-polymer handles that have become a signature for the Salt Series. The Manix 2 has a ball-bearing locking mechanism and a tip-up wire clip. SRP: $232.

Spyderco is also releasing two new versions of their popular Para Military knives into the Salt Series. The Para Military 2 is available in either a stainless blade with a yellow-and-black non-slip G-10 handle or a black blade with a solid black non-slip G-10 handle. Both knives have a 3.45-inch MagnaCut steel blade. Like all of the other knives in the Salt Series, the stainless-steel liners, pocket clip, and all other hardware in the new Para Military knives are made from corrosion-resistant marine-grade materials. SRP: $295-$315.

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth #10555

Check these out on: spyderco.com


In 2024 SOG is giving its popular Seal XR folder a serious upgrade. The new Seal XR L-TI is SOG’s first knife that features a MagnaCut steel blade. The 4.3-inch blade has a black Cerakote finish and is deployed with a finger flipper. The knife has also been upgraded with a titanium liner, which drops its weight down to a slim 4.4 ounces. Deeply ridged on both the spine and underbelly for a secure grip regardless of how it’s held, the Seal XR L-TI includes black, gray, and ODG handles that give users the option of switching out handles based on the situation. SRP: $300.

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth #12669

Check these out on: sogknives.com

W.R. Case  

Case is releasing several new knife families this year. Among the new introductions is the Bridgeline folder. Combining Case tradition with a modern flair, the Bridgeline has a composite-and-wood handle with aluminum frames and bolsters to cut the weight down to a mere 2.8 ounces. The 2.75-inch blade is made from CPM20CV steel and features a Wharncliffe tip. SRP: $165.

Returning to the Case lineup for 2024 is the Razor. Available with a wide variety of handle materials, the Razor features a 3-inch main blade with a distinctive hook on its tip that harkens back to the original 1940 design that users actually shaved with. Available in either single-blade or double-blade options. SRP: $73-$321.

During the 2024 SHOT Show, find them in: Booth # 10538

Check these out on: caseknives.com

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