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New Optics Coming in 2024

New Optics - SHOT Show 2024

Red-dot sights remain hot items, and thermal scopes are coming on strong. 

By Robert Sadowski 

The new normal in LPVO (Low-Powered Variable Optics) riflescopes is 1-8X or 1-10X power. That’s a lot of magnification for a compact scope that offers a compromise between fast, close target acquisition and hit targets out to medium range. Both FFP and SFP models are available. For pistols, the red-dot optic market is still hot with enclosed LED emitter red dots. These are models that look like a mini black box mounted to the pistol slide. Binoculars and spotting scopes continue to evolve with many rugged models at affordable price points. The next big hot item is thermal scopes, some of which even we mere mortals can afford. Here are the details.

Apex Optics

Apex Optics - SHOT Show 2024

The Edge 1-10x24mm LPVO (SRP: $1,600) is designed for dynamic carbine and tactical applications. Features include locking zero stop turrets with 40 mils of internal travel, fixed parallax at 150 yards, integrated removable throw lever, and an oversized zoom ring for easier manipulation with gloves in cold-weather conditions. The reticle is the Hybrid Combat Reticle developed with input from top 3-Gun competitors, hunters, and Special Forces operators. The new Apex Hunter 3-15x44mm riflescope (SRP: $1,200) is a hunting riflescope made for the precision rifle shooter. The exclusive HLR (Hunter Long Range) reticle is deadly accurate for both close-up and extended-range hunting scenarios. Available in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions. The Summit ED Binocular is available in two models, a 10x42mm (SRP: $500) and 12x50mm (SRP: $850) built for hunters and precision rifle shooters. Both models feature Japanese ED glass for clarity of picture and edge-to-edge crispness. The 12x50mm model features a rotating mil reticle. All models include a four-point chest harness for ease of carry.

Check these out on: apexoptics.co


New EOTech Vudu X Series of riflescopes Models 1-6x24mm and 2-12x40mm - SHOT Show 2024

The new Vudu X Series of riflescopes are designed to meet the demands of shooters whether it’s 3-gun competition, hunting, or recreational shooting. Models include a 1-6x24mm (SRP: $799) and 2-12x40mm (SRP: $849). Both feature a 30mm tube diameter, illuminated SFP reticles powered by a CR2032 battery, and a removable throw lever for quick transitions across the magnification range. Available reticles include the PD1 duplex style or BD1 that provides additional circular ballistic hold adjustments. Turrets are capped and features MOA adjustments and zero reset.

Check these out on: eotechinc.com


GPO - New rangefinding binocular models in 8x40mm and 10x40mm - SHOT Show 2024

The popular Rangeguide binocular lineup now includes two new rangefinding binocular models in 8x40mm (SRP: $1,300) and 10x40mm (SRP: $1,300). These new 40mms feature a magnesium frame that decreases the weight and increases the strength. In addition, both can range out to 3,500 yards. True range-angle technology calculates the proper distance to the target after measuring the angle to the target, providing a precise inclination/declination compensation reading. The new Passion SD binocular line includes six new models ranging in size from sub-compact: 8x26mm (SRP: $299), 10x26mm (SRP: $299); compact: 8x34mm (SRP: $349), 10x34mm (SRP: $349); and mid-sized: 8x42mm (SRP: $399) and 10x42mm (SRP: $399). The SD line offers high-resolution, high-transmission optics in a small, lightweight package suitable for budget-conscious buyers.

Check these out on: gpo-usa.com

Hi-Lux Optics

Hi-Lux Optics - new CMR8 Close to Medium Range 1-8x24mm - SHOT Show 2024

When the situation demands up-close speed and precision, the new CMR8 Close to Medium Range 1-8x24mm (SRP: $399) riflescope is the solution. A b-Dot fiber-optic illuminated reticle provides a true daylight-bright center dot calibrated for .223 and .308 and offers precise reference marks up to 600 yards with a 50- and 200-yard zero.

Check these out on: hi-luxoptics.com

InfiRay Outdoor

InfiRay Outdoor - RICO HYBRID - SHOT Show 2024

The InfiRay Outdoor RICO HYBRID fuses the capabilities of a thermal clip-on and a thermal weapon sight to create a new breed of thermal device. New for 2024 is the HYH75W—the 75mm variant of the HYBRID. This new model expands upon the already advanced feature set of the current 50mm model. In addition to the larger objective lens, the newest model of the HYBRID family sports a flat dark earth Cerakote finish. The HYBRID provides versatility and performance as well as compatibility with day optics up to 10X as an inline clip-on sight. The combination of the HYBRID’s low-distortion eyepiece and a 1.03-inch large-format 2560×1920 AMOLED display provides comfortable viewing as a dedicated sight while still maintaining the pixel density and resolution required for use as a thermal clip-on. The HYBRID boasts advanced features such as compatibility with a 1,000-yard laser rangefinder, a custom reticle generator, and an onboard ballistic solver. This allows the user to detect a target in the dark, determine its range, calculate a firing solution based on that range, and display a hold point in the custom reticle. The HYBRID exemplifies the crisp image quality for which InfiRay products are known and comes with all the features night hunters prize: photo/video/audio recording, mobile streaming over Wi-Fi, and, of course, the iRayUSA five-year warranty.

Check these out on: irayusa.com


Laserworks - LW809 10x42mm OLED binoculars - SHOT Show 2024

Laserwork’s LW809 10x42mm OLED binoculars can range targets out to 4,000 yards. BAK-4 prisms produce clear and sharp images, and the aluminum-magnesium housing provides maximum protection of internal elements. The LW209 laser rangefinder is a recoil-resistant rangefinder add-on accessory that can attach to different scopes with the included adapters. Available in 8x42mm, 10x42mm, and 12x42mm versions, the rangefinder has a reach of up to 1,600 yards.

Check these out on: laserworks.com

Leapers UTG

Leapers UTG - new INTEGRIX iX6 - SHOT Show 2024

The new INTEGRIX iX6 series includes a 3-18x44mm FFP mid-power scope (SRP: $1,599.97) and a 4.5-27x56mm FFP high-power scope (SRP: $2,199.97), both of which showcase the high quality standards of the INTEGRIX brand. The mid-power scope is available with either an A2 MOA German duplex-inspired reticle or the M1 MRAD reticle, a tried-and-true Christmas tree-styled reticle made for long-range shooting. The high-power scope comes with either the M1 MRAD reticle or an M2 MRAD, which is a modernized and minimalist reticle designed for tactical use. Both scopes are rated for .338 LAPUA Magnum, have red and green reticle illumination with eight brightness settings, and a 12-hour automatic shutoff. Side-adjustable parallax is from 30 yards to infinity. 

The new ACCUSHOT PRO optics line has a similar build quality and feature set to that of the INTEGRIX line, but at a lower-cost entry point. Two models are available: the AS6 1-6X24 FFP and the AS6 1-6X24 SFP. The first focal plane scope is available either as an A1 MOA or B1 BDC reticle; the second focal plane scope features an A3 MOA reticle designed for the IPSC rifle shooter.

Check these out on: leapers.com

March Scopes

March Scopes - 5-42x56mm FFP scope - SHOT Show 2024

March’s wide-angle scopes have evolved into GenII. The 5-42x56mm FFP scope (SRP: $4,490) was developed for long-range shooters and hunters with 130 MOA/40 mil elevation travel perfect for long-range shooting. It also features a Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System that naturally adapts to temperature changes and maintains focus and clarity under a variety of conditions. The wide 26-degree field of view is a 30 percent increase over the standard model, allowing shooters to find the target faster. Lockable elevation, windage, and side-focus turrets are upgraded with shuriken-shaped (think ninja throwing knives) locking turrets for a sure grip and tactile feel.

Check these out on: marchscopes.com


The DS37-LRF 4K uses PARD digital imaging technology to combine a 4K high-definition night-vision sensor, a ballistics calculator, and a laser rangefinder into a single unit. The DS37-LRF 4K features a 4096×2160 resolution night-vision sensor with a 70mm lens (providing 9.7°x5.1° FOV), 2X optical magnification, 2X digital magnification, and sensitivity down to .001 lux. Available in 850nm wavelength, the VCSEL IR illuminator has three levels of intensity and directional beam focus out to 500 meters.

PARD - SHOT Show 2024

Users will enjoy rich contrast and bold resolution when acquiring (and accurately ranging) targets with the 1,200-yard integrated laser rangefinder (LRF) that seamlessly feeds the data into the on-board ballistics calculator. Daytime or night-vision images are displayed on the 800×800 IPS LCD display. Optional 2X magnified picture-in-picture (PIP) function provides clear night-vision depth perception and target recognition. Display options include six individual reticle styles, three different reticle colors (white/yellow/green), and four different color modes (color/mono black and white/mono green/mono yellow). 

Additional features of the TDS37-LRF include a removable 128GB Micro SD card that allows the user to capture 4096×2160 photo images and 1920×1080 resolution video, Wi-Fi connectivity to a PC, tablet, iOS, or Android device through the use of the free PARDVision app, and USB Type-C and HDMI output connections. SRP: $999. 

PARD - SHOT Show 2024

The TD62 combines PARD multi-spectral imaging technology with long-distance thermal detection, high-definition night vision, a ballistics calculator, and a laser rangefinder to create a single multi-function unit. Featuring a 640×512 resolution IR thermal sensor, 45mm lens (providing 5.6°x5.6° FOV), 2X optical magnification, 2X digital magnification, 12µm pixel pitch, and ≤25mK Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD), users will enjoy rich contrast and bold resolution when acquiring (and accurately ranging) targets with the 1,200-yard integrated laser rangefinder that seamlessly feeds the data into the on-board ballistics calculator. 

The integrated CMOS 1920*1080 visible light sensor combines a 70mm lens, 6.5-13X magnification, 2.6°x2.6° FOV, and visibility down to .001 lux. Available in 850nm wavelength, the VCSEL IR illuminator has three levels of intensity and directional focus out to 350 meters. The IPS LCD thermal imaging and night vision can be displayed on the 800×800 IPS LCD display independently or simultaneously with the picture-in-picture (PIP) function, providing a clear heat signature and night-vision depth perception. Display options include six individual reticle styles, four different reticle colors, and six different thermal image modes. SRP: $4,499.

Check these out on: pard.com

Primary Arms Optics

Primary Arms Optics -new 1-8x24mm SFP compact riflescope and New GLx series red-dot optics include the GLx MD-21 - SHOT Show 2024

The new 1-8x24mm SFP compact riflescope combines the best features of PAs popular PLx series with the ACSS NOVA reticle. This second focal plane reticle uses fiber-optic technology for a true red-dot bright aiming point to deliver the fastest possible target acquisition from close to medium range. At farther distances, the integrated mil holdovers and target auto-ranging make it easy to estimate distance and land shots with precision. New GLx series red-dot optics include the GLx MD-21, engineered for agility and precision from close quarters to medium range. This red dot features an advanced solar failsafe system that supplements the battery, ensuring the optic operates with maximum run time. The GLx 1x MicroPrism features new technology with a wider objective lens and updated internal design, superior glass, push-button controls, and improved reticle illumination. The SLx MD-21 is an advanced micro dot sight designed to deliver exceptional CQB performance. Weighing only 3.82 ounces, the SLx MD-21 features a new heavy-duty mount for rigidity and precision. The upgraded LED emitter offers complete night-vision compatibility as well as a true daylight bright reticle.

Check these out on: primaryarms.com


Riton - SHOT Show 2024

The new 3 Tactix EED (Enclosed Emitter Dot) red dot pistol sight (SRP: $350) features an enclosed emitter design that protects the internal components from dust, moisture, and impact for consistent and reliable performance even in challenging environments. Features include a 3 MOA dot reticle, large viewing screen, and adapter plate. The all-new 5 Primal 10x42mm ED binocular (SRP: $650) features premium ED (extra low dispersion) glass to provide a superior glassing experience. Features include an ergonomic aluminum-alloy body with rubberized waterproof coating. The new compact and lightweight 5 Primal 15-45x60mm spotting scope (SRP: $999) weighs 2.7 pounds and is 12.5 inches long, both of which will be appreciated by spot-and-stalk hunters. Features include ED glass, aluminum body, and large zoom and focus rings.

Check these out on: ritonoptics.com


Sightron new S-TAC 1-6x24 AR1 LPVO riflescope - SHOT Show 2024

The new S-TAC 1-6×24 AR1 LPVO riflescope (SRP: $499.99) is designed for AR platform rifles chambered in .223/5.56mm. The scope features Japanese optical glass lenses combined with Sightron’s MC-333 multi-coating technology for the best possible light transmission, contrast, and clarity. The S-TAC AR1 reticle is purpose-built for .223/5.56mm, and the illuminated halo helps with fast target acquisition at close range while the illuminated center dot ensures accurate mid-range target placement. The ExacTrack erector-tube system delivers consistent, reliable, and repeatable adjustments, even at the extreme edges of the scope's adjustments.

Check these out on: sightron.com


Trijicon - Two new red dot optics - SHOT Show 2024

Two new red dot optics include the RMR HD (SRP: $849) and the RCR ($849). The RMR HD is a compact pistol optic built on the RMR Adjustable LED model, but features a large, clear lens. Users can toggle between a 55 MOA segmented circle reticle with a center dot or a crisp dot-only option, both of which include a new super-bright setting and an additional night-vision setting. Either a 1.0 MOA or 3.25 MOA center dot is available. The RCR (Ruggedized Closed Reflex) is a closed emitter optic. The 3.25 MOS reticle has 10 brightness settings that are adjusted manually; there are also three night-vision options and one super-bright option. Both the RMR HD and RCR have the same footprint as the RMR.

Check these out on: trijicon.com

XS Sights

XS Sights New and improved second-generation R3D notch and post tritium sights - SHOT Show 2024

New and improved second-generation R3D notch and post tritium sights are engineered to give gun owners a brighter and stronger set of self-defense sights. In addition, with the new EasyPress feature, the sights are now far easier to install. Designed to drive focus downrange, the new R3D 2.0 sights feature significant improvements from their Gen 1 counterpart. The two rear tritium dots are bigger and brighter than those in the original R3D. The new sights also have a PVC ring surrounding the rear sight lamps for a more defined edge to improve sight picture and further differentiate the front dot from the rear sight lamps. The rear sight is also blacked out and serrated to reduce glare. When paired with the high-contrast orange or green dual-illuminated photoluminescent Glow Dot front sight with a tritium vial, the R3D 2.0 provides more visible indexing for precision alignment. 

The new sights also have a black nitride finish with double the corrosion resistance of the original black oxide surface treatment. The R3D 2.0 fits all Glock models as well as select Smith & Wesson models in the M&P/M&P 2.0 and Shield lines. SRP: $131.99-$142.99.

Check these out on: xssights.com

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