Jan 21–24, 2025
Venetian Expo + Caesars Forum
Las Vegas

Registration and Badges


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You must register each year for the SHOT Show. Click on www.shotshow.org/register to do so. You can also register onsite at Main registration, level 1 of the Venetian Expo Center. See onsite hours

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If you need to pick up your approved badge, view convenient locations to quickly grab your badge.

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We need some additional information about you, your company or both to show industry affiliation. Click here for more information.

How do I get approved?
You can either upload your documents to your dashboard, or you can bring them onsite with you. While we are still doing our best to stay on top of incoming records we are currently on “onsite”. If you feel you qualify for the Show and are in town before Tuesday, please come by the Venetian Expo Center or Caesars Forum as early as Saturday, Jan 20 at 8 AM to get qualified. Try to avoid Tuesday between the hours of 9 AM – 1 PM if possible. See full hours

Where do I register onsite?
Pending and new registrations must be handled at the Venetian Expo Center on Level 1 at Main Registration or at the Caesars Forum Main Registration. See onsite hours

Not sure what I am?
See your approval status on your confirmation letter. You can also resend your confirmation to yourself from here.


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Exhibitors can either pick up their badges in bulk or individually. You can pick up your badge at any of our convenient locations. Please note: We ask if you are picking up badges for anyone other than yourself, you must see them otherwise there is a $125 reprint fee.

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You can still register on your dashboard and pick up any badges onsite. The other option is you can add any badges you may need at the Venetian Expo Center or Caesars Forum. Click here to view full times.


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You can pick up your badge at any of our convenient locations. We encourage all media to pick up at the Press Room (Lando, Level 4, Venetian Expo Center) so you can see all the opportunities for our Media.

See full hours and resources.

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At this point Media registration is closed for onsite registration. If you have questions, please email media@shotshow.org.