Jan 21–24, 2025
Venetian Expo + Caesars Forum
Las Vegas

Space Selection FAQs

The SHOT Show moved to the Venetian Expo (formerly the Sands Expo Center) in 2009. Since then, exhibitors have been given the opportunity to retain their booth space year after year, with new companies or changes to the floor plan only taking place when existing exhibitors do not renew or change their space. Those companies that have wanted to pick new space or change their location over the years have participated in a type of space selection, which we have called Booth Moves Week. This year, all companies will be selecting a booth from a floor plan that will be designed based on what exhibitors are asking for in 2021 rather than what was created in 2009 and adapted over the years.

There are several reasons why now is the best time to start from scratch with the SHOT Show floor plan. Significant drivers for this change include the expansion to the Caesars Forum, which is adding much-needed space and providing opportunities to exhibitors to expand and rethink their current exhibit space; a need to address regulations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic; and lastly, the ability to make the floor plan more attendee-friendly and in line with what attendees are looking to experience coming out of the pandemic.
Retaining your old space is not an option this year, however you will be free to select a booth space that is close to your old space during your space selection appointment time. Aisles are being redrawn to provide for better attendee flow, so the same configurations and aisles may not exist going forward. With the addition of the Caesars Forum, we believe many exhibitors will be pleasantly surprised at the increased number of premium locations for exhibits going forward.
Long-standing support of the SHOT Show and NSSF are rewarded when it comes to the selection order. The first criteria is NSSF membership, with Patron Members selecting first, followed by Supporting/Associate Members and then Non-Members. Within each category, priority is given to those that have earned the most priority points. Priority points are determined through exhibiting at past SHOT Shows, the size of the company’s booths and participation in SHOT Show sponsorship opportunities.
During the application process, we asked all exhibitors to indicate their ideal booth size and configuration. Show Management is taking this information and creating a floor plan that will accommodate all requests, ensuring an inventory of booth sizes that will accommodate each and every application that was submitted prior to the April 2 deadline.
One week prior to the space selection, a link to the floor plan will be provided to each participating exhibitor with your appointment time. You will be able to use that link through the space selection process to see booths being selected. The floor plan is updated every 15 minutes while the calls are being made.
An hour timeframe will be provided as your appointment time. We will call you at the number you provided for your trade show contact during that hour. It will be during this call that you will select your booth from the available inventory. Calls typically take just a few minutes, as most exhibitors already have what booths they would like in mind. There will be multiple appointments taking place simultaneously, so it is important to be prepared for the call with booth options in mind.
It is anticipated that you will receive your appointment confirmation the week of April 26.
A member of the NSSF sales team or Show Management will be contacting you. There will be multiple appointments taking place simultaneously, so there is no guarantee that a particular person will be contacting you. However, please know that each person has experience with the space selection process and will be able to counsel you on the best opportunities available.
You can have whomever you want on the call, including your exhibit builder. If there are specific decisionmakers you want to have on the call, please don’t hesitate to include them or notify us of an alternative number you want us to use for the appointment. Many exhibitors have asked us to use a conference number, which is fine. Please understand that the appointment time is an hour-long window, so there are no assurances of when, during that hour, we will be calling you. Call times, within your hour time window, will be contingent on how long prior calls have taken and when your particular company is slotted within the timeframe.
The timeframe we have allotted for each appointment is 5 minutes, with the understanding that some may take a little less time and some may take a little more. Please know that with simultaneous appointments taking place, booths will continue to be selected while an exhibitor is on the phone and the longer one takes, the more opportunities may be lost. Booths will not be held for more than a few minutes, so it is important that all people necessary for making a selection decision are available.

Yes, you will be able to select a different booth size and configuration. However, if there is a significant difference between your request and what you would like to select, Show Management may deny specific booth requests if the size desired is difficult to recreate in another area. As previously mentioned, an inventory of booth sizes will need to be maintained in order to accommodate all requests, and we will not permit an exhibitor to “take away” an opportunity that was specifically requested by another exhibitor. If you know in advance that you want to change your requested size, please contact us as soon as possible through salesmgr@shotshow.org and let us know of your new requested size and configuration.

The floor plan doesn’t provide for pictures, but if there are any questions about what is around a particular booth or area of the show, you can always ask the person you are on the phone with or send an email to exhibitorhelp@shotshow.org.

It is anticipated that the plan created for the 2021 SHOT Show, prior to its cancellation, will be incorporated into the 2022 SHOT Show. Regulations for the reopening of shows in Las Vegas is still in effect, and it is not yet determined what the regulations will be in January. For that reason, we are planning for all scenarios but also ensuring the show is as safe as possible for all those coming to Las Vegas.

During your appointment, the staff member speaking with you will inform you if there is a column in the booth as well as where in the booth it may be.  If you agree to take a booth with a column in it, you will also receive the exact specifications of that booth with the column dimensions and location that same day.

With the rollover from the canceled 2021 SHOT Show, and the uncertainty of precise booth square footage until after space selection, NSSF has adjusted its policies for this year. The amount rolled over will satisfy the deposit requirements for space selection, regardless of what size you are requesting. Immediately after space selection, you will be sent an invoice for the remaining balance due to reach the requisite 50% that was due April 2, 2021. Exhibitors will have until June 4, 2021, to “catch up” to 50% of the actual monies due for the selected booth space, should any amount be necessary. The remaining balance will be due on August 6, 2021.

We know there are inevitable schedule or technology challenges, and we recognize the importance of the booth selection opportunity. Therefore, we make sure no one is penalized by missing their appointment. If that should happen, we will select the best booth available at that time based on the criteria listed by you (e.g., size, configuration, past booth locations). That being said, we encourage every exhibitor to put in as much information as possible in their application of what specifically is being requested so we can accommodate you as best as possible, as well as additional contact information, if necessary or appropriate. After a space is assigned, we will promptly send a confirmation email with the selected booth location and you will be free to reach back to us and inquire about alternative options that may be available at that time.