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Thompson/Center DanielleSanville

Thompson/Center has been a household name among American firearm fans for decades, and when Smith & Wesson acquired the brand in January 2007 its potential was set for a long and solid future. Danielle Sanville, who joined S&W in 2008 and now holds the reins as T/C’s brand manager, moved into S&W’s marketing department in […]

Jacob Edson Bushnell

Bushnell has been in the hunting optics business for more than 65 years. In that time, its participation in the SHOT Show has been vital to its performance in each coming year. For characters like Jacob Edson, who came to the brand from the print media side of the outdoor industry, the experience of representing […]

Does your company sponsor ambassadors and/or events in the shooting sports, hunting, or outdoor lifestyle?  Does your manager know what to expect of those ambassadors and what the ambassadors expect of the company? Come visit with our panel of industry professionals to discuss how your company can better leverage the investment in brand ambassadors and […]