Jan 21–24, 2025
Venetian Expo + Caesars Forum
Las Vegas


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We asked seven state governors: what is the importance of the firearm industry and Second Amendment rights of citizens? What are insights to challenges and opportunities ahead for gun rights in the United States? Here’s a glimpse of NSSF’s 3rd Annual Governors’ Forum at SHOT Show 2024.

Governors in attendance included: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (@govkemp), Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders @sarahhuckabeesanders), Ohio Gov. Brad Little (@governorbradlittle), Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (@govgianforte l), Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen (@jimpillen), Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo (@joelombardonv) and Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon (@governormarkgordon).

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One task that the versatile century-old .22 LR round was not originally intended for is for self-defense. But that’s all changed, thanks to CCI, the historic industry leader in rimfire ammunition.

It’s no secret CCW permit applications and guns sales have soared over the last several years. As a result, there are many new shooters looking for new ammo choices, some of whom may not be comfortable with the muzzle rise and recoil of a large-caliber centerfire pistol. CCI Uppercut, the company’s first product that falls in the personal protection ammo category, answers the call for more .22 LR self-defense ammo, delivering both power and performance.

Read more from NSSF’s SHOT Business magazine - Link in bio.

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The Walther PD380 is an ideal companion for everyday carry, even for those new to shooting.

Weighing in at a featherlight level, the PD380 slips effortlessly into a holster, pocket, or purse. Its compact dimensions, designed to balance comfort and concealability, make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable, high-performance pistol.

Read more from NSSF’s SHOT Business magazine - Link in bio.

The Savage Arms licensing program, offering hunting apparel, camping equipment, and lifestyle apparel, is now shipping orders to retailers and product is available direct to consumers.

“While so many hunting and outdoor enthusiasts take to the fields, forests, and highlands this fall, it is great to see our gear and apparel become available,” says Beth Shimanski, director of marketing at Savage Arms. “From casual T-shirts and outerwear around camp to more technical apparel—we designed the new gear with the features in mind that matter to those who enjoy the outdoors.”

Several items are available via the website with additional SKUs coming on weekly.

Read more from NSSF’s SHOT Business magazine - Link in bio.

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@cimarronfirearms considers the new Arizona Ranger Competition SA revolver the best “competition ready” model in its extensive line of classic peacemaker-style revolvers. A wide square-notch rear sight and wide constant width front sight help deliver quick target acquisition. Slim, hand-checkered European walnut grips contribute to a better and firmer hand fit, and an action tuned in the U.S. by Cimarron’s skilled gunsmiths help set this revolver apart from other single actions.

Read more from NSSF’s SHOT Business magazine - Link in bio.

The @TaurusUSA 9mm GX4 Carry, the latest addition to the award-winning GX4 series, boasts a larger, but still compact frame designed to deliver the perfect balance of capacity and concealability. Key features include 15+1 capacity, visual loaded chamber indicator, DLC-coated barrel for enhanced durability and performance, Picatinny rail, flat-face serrated trigger, and reversible magazine release.

Read more from NSSF’s SHOT Business magazine - Link in bio.

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@federalpremium shotshells are all about precision performance. The new 12-gauge No. 1 buckshot load is no exception. Its payload of 16 copper-plated pellets produces tight patterns for more hits and better stopping power on predators, deer, hogs, and more. Designed to deliver increased pellet counts compared to larger buckshot sizes, it also provides greater energy and penetration on target than smaller buckshot sizes. The 12-gauge, 2¾-inch magnum load has a muzzle velocity of 1,325 feet per second and uses a buffer to prevent pellet deformation and ensure dense, uniform patterns.

Read more from NSSF’s SHOT Business magazine - Link in bio.

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Falco Holsters, known for handcrafted leather holsters and customized everyday carry solutions, recently introduced a cutting-edge dealer program tailored for brick-and-mortar retailers. The program showcases dealer-only Falco Multifit holsters, streamlining SKU management and optimizing retail space utilization.

“Our dealer-exclusive category is designed to enhance the retail-to-consumer relationship at the counter level,” says Katarína Zacharová, vice president of sales and marketing for Falco Holsters. “Each holster is crafted to bring value to both merchants and their customers, offering exclusive products not available elsewhere—not on our website and certainly no better deals on Amazon or any other e-commerce platform.”

Zacharová emphasizes that this Falco program will deliver seven key benefits for participating dealers.

Existing and potential dealers can continue reading SHOT Business (link in bio) to learn more about Falco Holsters’ exclusive dealer product line, brand ownership, enhanced profitability, strategic pricing policies, efficient inventory management, territory-based exclusivity, in-store marketing support, simple ordering process.

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Gemtech, a Smith & Wesson brand, is a leader in cutting-edge innovation and visionary designs within the suppressor industry. It has now added the Abyss 7.72 suppressor to its Abyss series of suppressors. Built on five of Gemtech’s patent-pending technologies, the design allows rounds to pass through while gasses expand into the baffle spaces, lowering pressure, minimizing muzzle flash, and significantly reducing decibels. The Abyss also lessens back pressure by routing gasses forward, away from the shooter for increased comfort and reliability. Constructed from stainless-steel and titanium components, this suppressor has an overall length of 6.6 inches without a mount, 7.3 inches when paired with Gemtech’s ETMTM (Elite Taper Mount). Abyss suppressors are designed around durability and can be mounted to barrels through direct thread standards. The Abyss 7.62 is fully auto rated and has a caliber rating ranging from 5.7x28mm through .300 Win. Mag.

Read more from NSSF’s SHOT Business magazine – Link in bio – or visit/message Gemtech.

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